August 9, 2012

Review: Rapture by: Lauren Kate

Rapture by: Lauren Kate
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
464 pages
Genre: Young Adult/Romance/Fantasy

Spoiler Alert! This review contains information from the first books in the Fallen series.

Summary: In the last book of the Fallen series, Daniel, Luce, and the rest of the fallen angels, along with some allies, are in a race against time to stop Lucifer before he erases everything from existence back to the beginning. Luce knows more about her past lives than ever before thanks to her trip through the announcers in the last book, and this helps their chance of saving the earth.

Review: I know there are a lot of people out there that love these books. The reason I picked up the first one a couple of years ago is because there were posters for it all over the library and bookstore. I gave in and read the first book and all the other ones after. Why did I put myself through this torture? Okay, torture may be a little too harsh of a word to use, but I can’t really tell you. I think it may be because I had never read books about fallen angels before and I was curious.

This book was better than the others, but this series should have ended a book earlier. The plot line just seems a little too repetitive, Daniel and Luce, Daniel and Luce, Daniel and Luce, past and present, past and present. This was the series’ main downfall, well that and the fact that the plot can be so confusing that I can’t even follow what is going on. I feel like that unless you have read the earlier books in the series recently (or maybe not even then) this book may be too confusing to follow. 

On a good note, this book did provide a new and exciting turn of events, except that it didn’t last long and it didn’t occur until the end, but it 

The big question is… do we finally find out what happened with Daniel and Luce from the beginning? I will tell you right now that you do get an answer. Searching for this answer is the only reason I kept reading this series. I will state that besides all the negative things I have said about this series I will give props for its conclusion. It is worth reading this last book just for the closure.

Rating: 2/5

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