September 26, 2014

This Book Nerd's Problems

I'm sure you have all read/seen the problems of a book nerd tumblr. If not then you should check it out here. It's my inspiration for this post. With that in mind, I decided to do my own little personal list. Here are my book nerd problems. *This is not a complete list.

1. Never having an actual bookmark on hand when needed. I have used receipts, mail, kleenex, and everything in between to keep my spot in the book I'm reading.

2. There are thousands of books at my local library but the one I really truly wanted to read happens to be checked out when I finally get to the library, but it wasn't earlier in the day when I looked it up on the catalog.

3. When I just started a really good book and I then have to go to work, or a social event, or family gathering that requires my presence and therefore I must stop reading.When I do finally go out my friends like to point out that they are proud of me for stopping to read long enough to hang out with them, and they should be.

4. When all I want to do is stay up late and read but my eyes are fighting me in every single way possible. You know what I'm talking about. The slow pain of trying to keep them open longer than they should be.

5. When co-workers who are also friends and also big readers ask for book recommendations and you freak out that they won't like the books you tell them they MUST read. The pressure!

6. When I NEED to talk to someone about a book I'm reading right that second and no one I know has read it yet!

7. Having too many books to choose from so I can't possibly choose.

8. When one of my book boyfriends is coming to the big screen and they don't live up to how I pictured them in my head.

9. Before goodreads I didn't really track what I was reading.... The worst is when I get excited to read a book and then start reading and realize I had already read it before.

10. Goodreads is almost always open up in a window on my computer, but having to refresh it every time I come back to it to log back in is frustrating.

11. When I get caught stroking the cover of the new book I just bought or received as a gift in front of strangers, or worse in front of family. They never let me live that down.

12. Realizing that my letter from Hogwarts is never coming.... or is it?

13. When I read a cliff-hanger and immediately go online to find out when the next book comes out only to find out the one I just finished has only been out for a month so I have a year long wait ahead of me.

14. Crying in public while reading. Or laughing in public while reading. I've done both and have received funny looks.

15. When I know characters are soul mates and are 100% meant to be together deep down in my heart, in my very soul, but for some reason the author doesn't.

16. The day I looked up how to say all the names in Throne of Glass... I had been pronouncing some of them wrong.

17. When my arm gets tired while reading. Holding up a book for a long period of time with one hand is a good workout at least.

18. Sometimes realizing (and then denying) that I can't possible read all the books.

Share your book nerd problems below!


  1. # 7 & #18 are the story of my life! It's so hard to commit with so many choices :/ I'm pretty good at forgetting about all the other books calling my name once I've actually committed to a new read, but the decision process is often challenging -- I'm trying to get better at trusting my gut (which I did last night & started re-reading Outlander so I can attempt to get caught up with the newer books, eep!). I hope you don't have all of these book nerd problems at the same time though -- that would be rough! lol

    1. #7 and 18 are the worst!!!! I am bad at making decisions to begin with let alone with so many options!! Yes to re-reading Outlander! I'm hoping to get them all for Christmas and read them starting the new year off right. And no, I don't usually have all these problems at the same time, thankfully. :D

  2. HAHA YES! #4 is especially true recently, I just feel so tired recently so trying to read in bed at night has become even harder. I kept having to put the book down, walk around for ten minutes to wake myself up more and then start over. Number #8 gets to me EVERY TIME! NO!!! #12 I am still waiting for mine because IT IS COMING! #18 too true :'(

    1. When my eyes don't cooperate I get so so frustrated! I'm glad I'm not the only one and I thank you for the tip of walking around a bit, I'm doing that next time. Oh and #8 is beyond killer. :D

  3. YES TO ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS AND THE FACT THAT WE ARE TWINS. But I especially love 3 - I choose books over being social more often than I should (probably why I am still single!) 8. One of the WORST things ever *throws temper tantrum* 10. Can't you stay logged in? I hate when I have to relog in when I'm not on my personal computer but I am always logged in at home! 11. It happens to the best of us. :) 12. I WOULD SELL MY SOUL TO GO TO HOGWARTS. Literally there is nothing I want more in life than to be a wizard. 13. You know what's worse? WHEN THERE IS NO PUB DATE. YOU ARE IN A PERPETUAL STATE OF SUSPENSE. YOU CAN"T EVEN COUNT DOWN. IT IS TORTUROUS. 14. Oh yes, this has happened. 16. I STILL pronounce Chaol wrong in my head. 18. I live in denial.

    1. I'm 100% sure that we are bookish twins!!!!!! 10. How do I stay logged in? I think I am but every time I refresh it has to log me back in. It's confusing. I don't know. I blame my computer or perhaps its user. lol 12. I would sell my soul as well, probably even my husband's soul, to go to Hogwarts! 13. No Pub Dates Kill My SOUL (if I had one and didn't sell it off to go to Hogwarts with you, I say with you because I'm assuming we are going together.)16. Phew, I still pronounce Chaol wrong too.

  4. You may not get into Hogwarts as a student, but occasionally they need to hire new professors - or staff, even - so I don't see the harm in waiting for your letter.

  5. Oh this definitely is something I can relate to. Reading for hours on time and holding a book up SHOULD be classified as a sport, and those bookmarks always seem to evade me. I wouldn't know what to do if my ultimate book boyfriend became big screen... it would probably turn out terrible! >< I know, I am going to read all the books. Just you try and stop me!


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