November 26, 2014

I Feel Like Gabbing Today - Holiday Edition


**I have no idea how often I will have this post or when exactly I'm going to post it. This is a work in progress. I do however know that I want to share my very random thoughts that pop into my head with you. Many are bookish thoughts and many are not. Sometimes these posts will be one topic and sometimes just a list of random ideas, who knows. This week it is a list. I feel like I don't have enough discussion type posts on the blog so I am giving this a whirl.

1. I don't start celebrating Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving (really the second after Thanksgiving is over). I decorate, listen to some Christmas music, and have a blast doing it, but not until the day after Thanksgiving.

2. I love food and around the holidays that is a problem. I eat too much on Thanksgiving and pretty much the entire holiday season. I swear I gain a couple of pounds every year.

3.If you have yet to do so make sure you stop and give thanks on Thanksgiving. Just pause and say thanks before you start your brave Black Friday shopping.

4. I used to really love Black Friday shopping and it was a family tradition, but they have been starting earlier and earlier every year making me like it less and less.

5. I like snow... when it is less than an inch and doesn't stick on the ground.

6. I would rather be cold than hot, but I would most rather be the perfect temperature.

7. I love buying/making/arranging gifts for other people. I like it more than getting gifts. (Maybe not more than getting books.) It's fun and I am good at it. :)

8. I used to love going out to the bars on New Year's Eve. Now I enjoy going to a small apartment or house party with close friends. I do wish one year I could go somewhere where you get all fancy, but I don't have the money to do such things.

9. Being married and juggling two families for the holidays is kind of a pain.

10. The Christmas song I look forward to listing the most each year... Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by Nsync!

11. I tend to binge watch ABC Family and Hallmark Christmas movies in December for like a week. I'm not ashamed.

12.I'm thankful for my good health, my family, my amazing husband, my job, my friends, books, and most importantly, my blogging friends and the book blogging community in general.

13.My husband is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Update: In case you were curious... my husband wrote number 13 without my knowledge. lol But I do think he is awesome.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Kay! I REALLY hate how Black Friday has oozed into Thanksgiving Day -- I am more of a homemade-edible-gift-giver, so I do my holiday shopping mostly at the grocery store LOL -- hey, if I don't make those chocolates there might be a mutiny in my family! The few gifts I do buy, I usually buy online and the only store you will usually catch me in on Black Friday is a local bookstore -- either the little used one by my grandma's which I love or the one by our house that does have a great sale (but it's not at a mall thank goodness!) -- depending where we are for the holiday.

    I am now kicking myself though that I found a perfect gift for the hubby, but my knee jerk reaction was to tell him about it! It's like my brain has somehow forgot this time of year I should keep these things to myself and make it a surprise. Oh well, he'll still like it either way :)

    1. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Christine! Those homemade edible gifts sound like a delicious and good idea.

      I always am horrible and tell my husband about his presents early. Almost every single time. I just love buying gifts and I get over excited and spill the beans. lol So you are not alone. It actually makes me feel better knowing that others do this too. :)

  2. I love this time of year! I think the Christmas season needs to be longer though and so I am totally guilty of Christmas-creeping. Too bad school has put a serious damper on my celebrating last year and this year. :( I've been obsessed with Glee's version of Baby It's Cold Outside ever since it aired a couple of years ago but I have to say my favorites are I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and I'm Gettin Nuttin For Christmas ;) and GIVE ME ALL THE EGG NOG. I think we all gain a few pounds this time of year. And I will take all of your snow above an inch for you! And I used to Black Friday shop but haven't been able to the past couple years but I don't even think you need to go to stores anymore with all of the online shopping deals. And I am just rambling at this point to avoid getting back to my homework. Anyway, I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU KAY. :) The end.

    1. I'm not going to lie... I LOVE Glee Christmas songs and I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (Who wouldn't want a Hippopotamus for Christmas? Crazy people.) And I have never heard of I'm Getting Nuttin For Christmas. I am going there right now to listen to this... hahahaha what a weird but hilarious Christmas song! You are more then welcome to have some of my snow. I am good at sharing... some things.

      Awww. Thanks Nicole. I'm thanking for you as well. I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!

  3. I don't start getting ready for Christmas until a day or so after Thanksgiving as well. And I have a problem with holiday food, too. I love it! I do over eat quite a bit around the holidays *sigh* Can't help, it's so good! I actually have never done Black Friday Shopping... I just never had the desire. :) And juggling families for the holidays is a pain! I just wish, at times, that everyone would just come to my house so I wouldn't have to drive to five or more places to visit (I have a very big family).

    Lovely post! :D

    1. Would that be nice, if everyone came to you? Having a big family is awesome, but also sometimes a little bit of a pain. ;) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It's Dec. 2 now and I have officially began my Christmas celebrating!

  4. Regarding 9- we just do whatever we want, haha!

  5. So I really used to love Black Friday we went out as a family as well, I agree I am not feeling the fact that it is early and early now. This is my first year really juggling the two families for the holidays, Thanksgiving was not too bad but I am worried about managing all of Christmas while still having our own first Christmas. I love getting/making gifts for people especially when I can think of something that they will love! Also NSYNC's holiday album is pretty good! I am also a huge fan of Mr.Buble :) Awesome post!

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

    1. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I am sure you will work everything out for Christmas, it will probably just be some getting used to. For our first Christmas as a married couple we made sure to put aside a couple of hours just for us to exchange gifts, have some hot chocolate, and snuggle/watch a Christmas movie. I am sure you Christmas will be wonderful. Buble is also a wonderful choice for holiday music! :)


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