April 15, 2016

NA Review: Edge of Chaos by Molly E. Lee

Edge of Chaos by Molly E. Lee (March 2016)
229 kindle pages
Genre: New Adult Romance
Source: I bought this book on Amazon.
Purchase: Amazon
My Rating:
Goodreads Summary: Blake Caster has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with Justin for so long, she can’t tell what is normal anymore, and so she clings to the one thing that is solidly hers—her passion for extreme weather.

Three years into her Meteorology degree, Blake meets professional storm chaser, Dash Lexington, who is as gorgeous as he is daring. Instantly recognizing her passion and skills in analyzing weather data, he makes a spot for her on his tight-knit storm chasing team. Dash and Blake form a fast friendship and it forces her to realize just how toxic her relationship with Justin is. She can’t deny the lightning-worthy chemistry she has with Dash or how her heart stalls every time he gets too close to a tornado.

With each chase and the cherished moments with Dash, Blake discovers her own self-worth and gains the strength to end things with Justin for good. But he won’t go easily. As Blake tries to sever ties with one man, she fears she’ll lose the other to his dangerous obsession—and she doesn't know if she’ll be enough to save him from the impending storm that could end them all.

My Review

I don't read New Adult books very often, but I was in the mood and I read a good review of this one somwhere in the blogosphere so I figured I would give it a try. (I hate when I can't remember where.) The minute I read that it was about storm chasers and romance I knew I had to read Edge of Chaos. So I went on Amazon and purchased an ebook for only 99 cents. It was probably the best 99 cents I have ever spent!

Does Edge of Chaos have a steamy romance? Without a doubt.

Does it feature interesting and complex characters? Absolutely. You will love Dash. Guaranteed.

Are there some awesome storm chasing scenes? There are some great ones, but I could have used even more. 

Does one of the characters have a whole bunch of emotional stuff going on? Yes, but not in a frustrating way. I did at times just wish I could yell at Blake to dump her fool of a boyfriend, but I can see why she was having a hard time. It was sad.

Does Edge of Chaos add some uniqueness to the New Adult genre? Yup. It was never boring and I definitely felt the feels.

Is there an adorable dog that you just want to snuggle? Ummm.... heck yes! What more could you want?

Should you read this book? I am going with a big fat YES. It is only 99 cents on Amazon people. Get on it!


  1. A dog, a boy I will swoon for, and storm chasing...yes please. Like you I rarely venture into NA territory, but this sounds like a good one!

  2. So I love the who weather chasing aspect! This sounds like a lovely romance to get lost in. Definitely adding it to my list. Wonderful review

    1. Thanks Magen! I loved it and I hope you do too!

  3. This sounds great, I love picking up new adult books every now and then. I pretty much only pick up books that I have heard are great/ not too angst-y.
    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert


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