August 9, 2016

TTT #66: I Want to Re-Read These Favorites

I love when Top Ten Tuesday has a pick your own choice topic! I am a re-reader. No regrets. No shame. All love. Here are some books that I plan to re-read sometime soonish.

1. Harry Potter Series - Can one ever re-read Harry Potter too many times? I think not.
2. The Lunar Chronicles - Now that I own the whole series in wonder beautiful hardcovers and since all the books are all out I think now is a great time to re-read.
3. Throne of Glass Series - I could always use a re-read of this series before each new book comes out. I don't always have the time, but I will definitely re-read it before the last book comes out.
4. The Mediator Series - A brand new book after all these years came out and I am excited! I also am going to need a refresher before I jump in.
5. The Kiss of Deception Trilogy - The last book in this trilogy just came out so I think I should just go ahead and do a re-read of the first two.

6. A Discovery of Witches Trilogy - I love this vampire trilogy. LOVE.
7. The Circle Trilogy - I read Nora Roberts and I am not ashamed. This is my favorite series by her and even though I have already read it at least 3 times, I see a few more re-reads in my future.
8. Delirium Trilogy - I love the new paperback covers of these bad boys and that my friend is a great excuse to finally buy them and re-read them. I loved the first and third book, but the second wasn't quite as good but still worth the read.
9. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - I adore this series. I have only read it once all the way through. I think it's time to revisit.
10. A Court of Mist and Fury - Why yes, I did just read this book... I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!


  1. I definitely want to reread The Lunar Chronicles at some point! I just finished reading them all in 2015 though haha. Meep I still need to read Percy Jackson and Discovery of Witches!

    1. You must get on that Lauren! lol I feel like I could re-read The Lunar Chronicles every year and it would never get old. :)

  2. I'm re-reading Harry now! Do itttt! :)

    1. I NEED to! I haven't done a Harry re-read in forever.

  3. Great topic! I really loved the Discovery of Witches trilogy and actually just purchased The Lunar Chronicles to read for the first time. Can't wait to see how they are.

  4. Yes yes and yes! I love all the books on your list that I've read.
    I've read and reread the Mediator series a thousand times. And a Discovery of Witches was such a good book! I really need to finish reading that series!!!

  5. You can definitely not reread Harry Potter too many times!
    My TTT:


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