December 8, 2016

Mini Movie Reviews

This is going to be a new feature here on the blog! I love movies almost as much as I love books. (Almost, but not quite.) So I figured it was time I start sharing another passion of mine with you all. My husband and I get a lot of movies from the library and try to go to the theater as often as our wallets allow us. Here are some movies I have watched recently. See which ones made me smile and which ones bored me.

The Nice Guys

I am a huge Ryan Gosling fan. I think he is a wonderful actor, and is easy on the eyes. ;) Since I missed watching this movie in theaters I put it on hold at the library super early. The verdict? This movie was hilarious. Both main guys are nice and yet not so nice. The girl who plays Holland's (Gosling) daughter, Holly (Angourie Rice), was a real hoot and stole the show many times throughout the movie. This movie takes place in the 1970's and centers around the two main guys who are kind of private investigators and the death of a famous porn star. It was interesting.

Captain America: Civil War

Just another super hero movie? Not quite. The action/fighting scenes in this movie alone are enough of a reason to watch Civil War. Even though I understood both Cap and Iron Man's sides, I think I am still leaning towards being on Team Iron Man. The new Spider-Man was incredibly hilarious. The addition of Paul Rudd as Ant Man didn't hurt either. This was a very entertaining and intense movie. It had a good combo of funny and serious.

The Jungle Book

This movie was kind of intense. I liked the Disney cartoon The Jungle Book, but it wasn't my favorite growing up so I wasn't in a rush to watch this one. We did finally get it from the library and enjoyed it a lot! It was a darker movie than I remember. I thought the child that played Mowgli did a great job, and all the famous voices were fun, but sometimes it was a little weird with the talking animals. Mostly they looked okay, but a few times they reminded me of old scary rides with the animatronic animals. Overall, the movie was good, but maybe for older kids.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

WTF?! I am not sure what I just watched, but I laughed A LOT. It was so weird. So very weird. That's all I got.


Eh. I loved Kristin Wig, Melisa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. Those four made me laugh A LOT, but the other Ghostbuster along with the main villain didn't work for me. I still love that they did a Ghostbusters reboot with women as the main characters, but I was not that impressed. I did still enjoy it.

Finding Dory

Baby Dory is the CUTEST!!! This movie made me cry. It was so sweet and funny. I loved it. It isn't quite as good as Finding Nemo of course. Then again, nothing is.

Doctor Strange

Was Doctor Strange good? Heck yes! Is Doctor Strange my new favorite Marvel movie? It very well may be. I freaking loved this movie. It was dark and funny, smart and entertaining, it was everything. Not to mention the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange. I should also note that the action was breathtaking. You still have time to get see it in theaters if you haven't yet!


  1. Yay! I enjoyed Mike and Dave but mostly because I'm down for ANYTHING with Zac Efron...adding in Adam Devine made it even better ;) I loved Doctor Strange, Dory, Ghostbusters. Great little reviews!

    1. I do LOVE Zac Efron! I need Doctor Strange on DVD so I can watch it many times. :)

  2. oh how i loved finding dory. I am different from most and liked dory better than nemo. the story just got to me more and such a happy ending. oh and Hank loved hank and the otters and oh the sea lions. so funny. okay so I just a tad bit loved the movie.

    Loved civil war but had a hard time with it becuase I didn't like my heroes fighting each other. this hurt my heart a little bit.

    need to see doctor strange. its on my list. I have heard from everyone its so good.

    I did see fantastic beasts over this past weekend and thought it was pretty amazing.

    1. Dory was a great story. I also LOVE Dory. I also agree, it was hard watching our favorite heroes disagree to that level. I think you will like Doctor Strange. Fnatastic Beasts was pretty darn good. :D

  3. I watched Nice Guys recently. I didn't know what it was about so that first scene was interesting... I thought it was hilarious though. I loved Ryan's character.

    Civil War was the best! I love Buckey <3

    Finding Dory makes me cry thinking about it.

    Doctor Strange was very different then I expected but it was awesome.

    1. Nice Guys made me laugh a LOT. I also cried during Finding Dory. I had no idea what to expect from Doctor Strange, but it is one of my new favorite movies!


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