February 3, 2017

My Short Rant On Spoilers

I know some people don't mind spoilers. Heck, I even have a few friends that enjoy spoilers! They are weird, I know. ;)

As for me, I HATE spoilers. I will go crazy if something is spoiled for me. It can look a little something like this...

So here is my plea. This one is to all the bloggers and reviewers out there. All I ask is that you make a clear warning before you spoil something. I understand that sometimes you MUST talk to someone about something big that happened in a book or tv show as soon as you finish. We have all been there. BUT I really don't think it is too much to ask that you have a spoiler warning before a book review that contains spoiler.

As for Facebook and Twitter... I know that is a little different. Yet it only takes 7 characters to warn of a spoiler before you post/tweet. The only time I somewhat understand when someone spoils a show is when they are live tweeting. That is why I NEVER go on Twitter when one of my big shows (The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, etc.) is on because I don't have cable and watch everything the next day and that would just be asking for trouble. Other than the live tweeting thing, I don't see why you can't put SPOILER before your Tweet or Facebook post. That way I don't actually skim/see something I rather wouldn't.

Rant over. That wasn't so bad was it? I tried to keep it as short and polite as possible.

Do you hate spoilers as much as I do? Share your pains below!


  1. YES! I take part in a Twitter book club, and although we're discussing the book with one another, I try to keep me responses spoiler free but when I do include a spoiler I start my tweet with just that.

    The trouble I have with reviews sometimes is I don't know whether something would actually be considered a spoiler or not! I always try to steer clear of spoilers personally.

    1. You are awesome for doing that! I too second guess what is considered a spoiler when writing reviews. :/ Sometimes it is hard.

  2. I agree spoilers are annoying! Though like Jade sometimes I do wonder what qualifies. Surprise twists and endings definitely are spoilers, but what about discussing a central theme or something like that? It can be tricky! Sometimes I think I wrote spoiler-ish things about picture books, but it doesn't feel like a true spoiler with that kind of book. Hopefully that's ok with most people! Or I should start being more careful...

    1. Right?! I am always asking my husband his opinion when I write reviews. I so don't want to spoiler anything for anyone, but sometimes it is hard to tell. I just focus on not giving away any big surprises, and think of what the summary says on the jacket of the book to gauge what the reader would know anyway since some jacket summaries now say quite a bit. I think you are good with the picture books! Some of those do have some good twists at the end, but I don't think talking about any thing else would matter if you spoil it.

  3. Hate, hate, HATE spoilers. I work so hard to write a spoiler free review, and it's hard. It's really, really hard, because the spoiler is usually a juicy bit that made a huge impression on me and influenced my view of the story. I had been pondering this idea of spoilers and even started a post (that I am determined to finish), but I agree with you - hate them. I won't even read a book, if I have seen the screen adaptation, because all the best parts must already have been revealed in the film. But, that' just me.

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