March 31, 2017

Get Graphic!

Here is a new mini review round-up of all the graphic novels I have read recently. Go head, get graphic!

Five Stars

Disney Princess Comic Strip Collection by Mebberson, Ball, Golden, Storck, Shand

This is a beyond adorable collection of comics featuring all of our favorite disney princesses. They are little short tidbits into their lives past and present. They are new stories that your heart will enjoy.

Four Stars

Demon by Jason Shiga

Dark and intense, this book will make you think. I can't believe I read this crazy thing, but I don't regret it.

Mooncop by Tom Gauld

There isn't a lot to say about this artwork, but the story was interesting. Although simple, it speaks volumes. It got me to chuckle a few times. It's a short read.

Dream Jumper by Greg Grunberg, Lucas Turnbloom

I think this graphic novel would be a treat for 4-6th graders the most. It may be a little scary at times, but the illustrations are on the simpler side and therefore older graphic novel fans may not enjoy this book as much. I liked it, but I was a tiny bit disappointed.

Big Mushy Happy Lump by Sarah Andersen

This is Sarah's second book of comics and I think I loved it even more than the first. So relatable and funny.

Three Stars

Goldie Vance by  Hope Larson, Brittney Williams

This was a fun old school detective story. Even though I was slightly disappointed by the ending, I still liked it quite a bit. The art is colorful and fun. It's worth checking out.

Bee & Puppycat by Allegri, Jackson, Flores, Gibson, Dreistadt, Espinosa, Howard, etc.

A little hard to follow at times since I haven't actually watched this show, but overall it was pretty cute.


  1. Man I haven't read any graphic novels in a while! I need to remedy that.

  2. I read the Bob's Burgers graphic novel that collects the first five comic books, and it was surprisingly good.

  3. I just listened to a podcast featuring Dream Jumper! Now I will definitely need to check my library for that one. And the Disney one looks really cute :)

  4. Ah! You've reminded me how many comics/graphic novels I still need to read. I like that your only 5 star read was a Disney comic (:
    If you thought Big Mushy Happy Lump was better than the first than I'll probably thing the same. A little too excited over here XD
    Goldie Vance sounds so familiar... And Bee & Puppycat is one I have on my list to read. I haven't seen the show either. Hopefully that doesn't mess things up for me.


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