April 14, 2019

ARC Review: Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett (April 16, 2019)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 432 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: Thanks Simon Pulse for an ARC of Serious Moonlight! This did NOT affect my honest review.
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My Rating:
Goodreads Synopsis: After an awkward first encounter, Birdie and Daniel are forced to work together in a Seattle hotel where a famous author leads a mysterious and secluded life in this romantic contemporary novel from the author of Alex, Approximately. Mystery-book aficionado Birdie Lindberg has an overactive imagination. Raised in isolation and homeschooled by strict grandparents, she’s cultivated a whimsical fantasy life in which she plays the heroic detective and every stranger is a suspect. But her solitary world expands when she takes a job the summer before college, working the graveyard shift at a historic Seattle hotel. In her new job, Birdie hopes to blossom from introverted dreamer to brave pioneer, and gregarious Daniel Aoki volunteers to be her guide. The hotel’s charismatic young van driver shares the same nocturnal shift and patronizes the waterfront Moonlight Diner where she waits for the early morning ferry after work. Daniel also shares her appetite for intrigue, and he’s stumbled upon a real-life mystery: a famous reclusive writer—never before seen in public—might be secretly meeting someone at the hotel. To uncover the writer’s puzzling identity, Birdie must come out of her shell…discovering that most confounding mystery of all may be her growing feelings for the elusive riddle that is Daniel.

My Review

Mysteries. Pies. Kisses. Oh my! Serious Moonlight is sure to be another contemporary romance hit from author Jenn Bennett.

Birdie Lindberg is relatable and adorable. Birdie is often anxious and awkward, and is always worried about being embarrassed. I totally get where you are coming from, Birdie! She is also kind, unique, a mystery buff, and so much more. She is continually growing and figuring her self out after living a pretty sheltered childhood. We also have Daniel, Birdie's love interest. Daniel is sweet, dorky, outgoing, loves magic, and appears to be the exact opposite of Birdie. Although they are both dealing with some heavy personal stuff, they always seem to be able to have fun together. The romance component of Serious Moonlight was refreshing. I can't say more since I don't want to spoil it, but I can say that it was a nice change of pace compared to the many other romances I have read.

Serious Moonlight was a delight to read! It features a fun mystery, an adorable romance, and reminds you that although life is complex and will throw you curve balls, it can still be manageable. The setting takes place in unique places in Seattle, giving readers a different view of the city. There are also many fun mystery novel references throughout the book. Although the pacing of the book was just fine, I did feel at times like the romance and the mystery aspects of the book were fighting for attention in the spotlight. However, I think that reflects on Birdie's feelings, so I was okay with it.

The Bottom Line: Serious Moonlight is another Jenn Bennett book you won't want to miss. Grab a piece of pie, sit back, and enjoy Birdie's story. A perfect read for a rainy day, Serious Moonlight is in fact, sweet as pie.

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  1. I'm glad that was a good read for you. I really enjoyed it when I read it too. And seriously craved a piece of pie as well, lol.


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