August 7, 2019

Mini Reviews: Young Adult Edition

The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg

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The Kingdom is a science fiction thriller that I pretty much read in one sitting. If you like the show Westworld, then this book will be right up your alley. The Kingdom is a futuristic theme park, and the princesses that live there are Fantasists, androids who are growing beyond their programming. The story is told in alternating chapters between the past and the present through Ana's point of view, the Fantasist on trial for murder of a park employee. Although somewhat predictable at times, this book is well-written, unsettling, and full of interesting takes on the themes of princesses, technology, and more. I can't wait to highlight this book at work so it can find itself in the hands of more readers. (I am a Teen Librarian.)

There's Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon

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Sandya Menon doesn't disappoint with her latest novel. As I was once a teen dealing with weight issues, I was very happy to see a book with a fat main character who was okay with her body, even if her mother wasn't. Sweetie is smart and kind and freaking awesome. Ashish was also a delight to read about as he was recovering from his first major heartbreak. The only reason I am giving this book four stars instead of five is because it was a little too perfect, and I think it could have benefited from some more conflict or have Sweetie have a few flaws. Otherwise, There's Something About Sweetie was a cute book that I think many will enjoy. Readalikes: To Be Honest by Maggie Ann Martin, Dumplin' by Julie Murphy, and If It Makes You Happy by Claire Kann.

Symptoms of a Heartbreak by Sona Charaipotra

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Symptoms of a Heartbreak is a 2019 version of Dougie Houzer. Saira is a 16 year old doctor dubbed the "girl genius" with a big family and a couple of complex friends. I had a really hard time getting into this novel. It was just too unbelievable for me, and I had a hard time following all the different characters at first which was kind of confusing. However, I liked the diverse characters, and how Saira had to figure out what it means to have an adult job, to be a friend, to have a first love, and some family drama. I do think teens will enjoy this one!


  1. I'm really glad to see you enjoyed There's Something About Sweetie. I really enjoyed that one too. Sweetie and Ashish were both just too cute.

  2. The Kingdom sounds really good! I might have to check that one out. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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