April 8, 2013

Review: The Boy Recession by: Flynn Meaney

The Boy Recession by: Flynn Meaney (2012)
Publisher: Poppy, Little Brown and Company
246 pages
Genre: YA/Romance
Goodreads Summary: The population of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, is shrinking as families move to cities and towns with greener pastures, and the local high school is hurting: nearly all of the area's most eligible guys have moved or transferred schools.

With little competition, the remaining boys find their stocks on the rise, and even the most unlikely candidates have a good chance at making the team and getting the girl. Guitar-strumming slacker HUNTER FAHRENBACH has made an art of blending into the background, but now desperate coaches are recruiting him and popular girls are noticing his scruffy good looks. With a little help, Hunter might even by boyfriend material...

Down-to-earth KELLY ROBBINS has a simple wish for her junior year: "one normal, nice boy to crush on." Kelly and Hunter have always been friends, but is there something more to their platonic relationship? And can Kelly overcome the odds? After all, dating is hard enough without a four-to-one ratio.

My Review

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! If you are looking for an easy quick read that has an adorable plot with likeable characters then The Boy Recession is the perfect choice for you. There is a boy recession in the small town of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, and it starts to show when things get a little crazy at the local high school. All the while Kelly and Hunter are just trying to navigate through the boy recession while staying sane.

This is a laugh out loud novel that had people giving me strange looks when I would let a giggle out or started chuckling louder than reasonable when other people were around. Meaney knows how to write the perfect cute silly novel. If I have yet to convince you to read this book here are some of my favorite quotes.

“Now I know what the flirtation is about: my voice. I’m like a dude version of one of those sirens from The Odyssey, which we got assigned sophomore year.’ – Hunter, pg. 119 
“I take the planner and flip through the pages. There’s already stuff written on a bunch of the days. Christmas, Hanukkah, daylight saving time, Canadian Thanksgiving…ugh. I can’t handle all of these commitments.” – Hunter, pg. 156

The characters in The Boy Recession are ridiculous, in a good way. Hunter is my favorite character (I mean just read the above quotes). Not only do the readers get some nice character development with Hunter, we also get a lot of laughs. He was a little annoying at first with is over use of the word dude, but in the end he was endearing in every sense of the word. He is a pretty cool guy and I can see why Kelly is friends with him. Speaking of Kelly, she is a cute nice girl with a good head on her shoulders. I liked her just fine, but there wasn’t anything overly special about her and there wasn't a lot of character development with her either, but it worked out with the type of book that this is and didn't really bother me. Kelly’s close friends Aviva and Darcy on the other hand were really great additions to the story. 

To put is simply, the plot is cute, the characters are humorous, the setting is fun, the writing is done well, and The Boy Recession pretty much just rocks. This would be a perfect book to read if you are looking for an escape from the real world, a good laugh, or just a quick read. So buy it already! Seriously, you can pre-order a paperback copy on The Book Depository for only $6.75 right now. What a deal! I got this book from the library, but I’m going to purchase it so I can read it again when I need a light fun read.

Just so you know, this isn’t a complex deep thinking book. I’m sure you have figured that out by know, but I wanted you to know before you read it so you are not disappointed.

 Oh, and I almost forgot... I love the cover!



  1. This is the first time I'm hearing this and it sounds like a cute and fun read, can't wait to check it out!

    1. It made me laugh so hard. The best part is that it only takes a couple hours to read, which is good for people that are super busy!

  2. Just added this to my TBR! I've been reading a lot of light, fun reads lately and have really enjoyed the simplicity and humor! (side note - I highly recommend Also Known As! I think you'll enjoy it) Anyway, I don't see a reason not to pick this up, your glowing review alone is enough but its only 246 pages! That's like a night of reading ;) (I exaggerate). Can't wait! :) :)

    1. PS: are you on goodreads??

    2. I hope you enjoy it! I read this book in like 3 hours! It put a smile on my face and I didn't have to think very hard. I am on goodreads! I just added you as a friend and followed your reviews. I always enjoy reading your posts and your comments. :)

  3. I love silly, cute, & funny in a book -- I'll have to keep this one in mind -- sounds like the perfect summer read!

    1. It would be a great summer read! It only took me like 3 hours to read.

  4. This is such a cute concept, I mean, what boy WOULDN'T want to be in this position?! There are definitely those days where I want nothing more than to read something quick and simple and light and this book sounds like the perfect contender! I look forward to those LOL moments!

    1. They are many awesome laugh out loud moments with this one and it would be a great choice for a light read!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, you totally should. It is really cute.


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