April 14, 2013

Top Bookish News of The Past Week

Here are all of the top bookish stories, blog posts, pictures, and videos I found this past week. All of the titles are linked up to their respective articles/blog posts. Click away!

Bookcase by the bathtub!
via fsgworkinprogress.com
  1. Bookshelf Porn Why have I never heard of this website before?! Maybe I have but I just overlooked it, either way I can say with certainty that this website rocks my world. It has so many awesome bookshelf pictures from all over the world. I could spend all day on here, but I won't because I have other things to do besides salivating over all the books. Hint: Click a picture on the website and it will give you a description of what/where it is.
  2. Delirium Pilot to be turned to Fox on April 30 If everything goes right Delirium will be airing on television in their Fall lineup in September! Keep your fingers crossed. Although that isn't too long of a wait it kinda still is.
  3. Feed Your Reader Do you own a Kindle? If you do then you should really check out this newish site by Inspired Kathy from I'm A Reader Not A Writer. This website features all the great book deals for the Kindle Reader, updated pretty often from what I can see.
  4. Mary Higgins Clark: Active as Ever at Age 85 Seriously I didn't realize she was 85! She just had a new book come out this month. I am giving her mad respect right now and I found this article very interesting. Congrats Mary Higgins Clark on your success and passion still going strong.
  1. Readers' Roundtable: Hype I never really took the time to check out this feature until recently, and I'm glad I finally did. Three different bloggers share their opinion on the bookish topic of the week. This week it was hype, a great topic. Thanks Read Your Bookcase, Pink Polka Dot Book Blog, and Rachel Reads for this week's great discussions.
  1. Review: You Look Different in Real Life I never really paid any attention to this book, the title wasn't catching on or something, and then I read this review. I really want to read it now. If you still aren't sure if you want to read this book yet then read this review!
  2. Review: The Collector by: Victoria Scott Nicole promised me that this review would have Damon Salvatore gifs in them, and she delivered! Read this well written review on The Collector and enjoy some eye candy while you do it.



  1. Aww thank so much for the shout out! These wrap up posts are so great, it's so awesome to be in one! And I'm glad you appreciate Damon as much as I do :) Looks like I've got a ton of bookish sites to check out!

    PS: Love the picture!!

    1. You are very welcome. I needed to share the Damon love! Oh and that picture... priceless. :)

  2. That photo is so cute! <3 Thanks for the updates, by the way! I checked out all the sites. I actually didn't know about 'Feed your Reader' o_O

    1. I recently found Feed Your Reader and although I don't have a Kindle I figured it would be a very helpful site to those that do. Thanks for reading!

  3. Thanks for sharing these book related sites, they're all new to me! I have a feeling I'll be on them for hours today instead of working lol

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I was on that bookshelf site for an hour when I first came across it. Hopefully you didn't get too distracted. ;)

  4. I cannot BELIEVE how much money Mary Higgins Clark is still raking in, hah. Good for her, and I'm sure it's welcome news to her fans that they can look for more books from her, too.

    Thanks for the news roundup!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Thanks for reading! I didn't even realize she was that old and still writing that much. I'm not a huge follower of hers but I've read a few of her books.

  5. That comic is awesome!

    I also didn't know Mary Higgins Clark is 85! I devoured her books after graduating from Nancy Drew to "grown-up" mysteries like what my mom read.

    And I actually had heard of Bookshelf Porn before, but I can't believe I haven't subscribed to the site's feed before now -- I really do love bookshelves :)


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