March 21, 2014

The Weather & My Reading Preferences

The weather makes a crater sized impact on what I'm in the mood to read. This winter has been especially harsh with the freezing cold and the numerous snowy days. Everyone has their own reading moods and habits. I'm going to to share my somewhat weird weather reading habits with you in hopes that you will please share yours with me. Do we have similar tastes or not even close? Don't be shy and tell me in the comments!

**Of course I don't only read books strictly to the outline below, but it does give you some idea about what books I gravitate towards during certain types of weather/seasons. 

It's Snowing...Again - I seriously have a weird problem reading about warm places when it is snowing outside, or really if there is any speck of snow on the ground. You would think that I would want to read about the beach and the sun to escape into a fictional warm place, but I just don't. Instead those warm books do the opposite... make me super depressed that I don't have the sun.

Baby It's Cold Outside - I love reading under a blanket with a coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate (preferably by a fireplace, but I don't have one of those) with a romance or a mystery/thriller. It's also the perfect time to read some rom-com, simply because a few laughs always puts me in a better mood.

It's Raining Cats & Dogs - I want to stay inside curled up on the coach reading any kind of book with action in it. I love a good dystopian, fantasy, or paranormal novel, Throne of Glass would be perfection for a day like this.

Cloudy (With A Chance of Reading) - This specific type of weather doesn't really prompt any certain type of reading mood. However, I'll obviously still read, no weather will keep me from reading.

70-80 Degree Weather - Oh warm weather, I can't wait for you to show yourself, not only so I can finally feel warm again, but so I can read the kinds of books that involve...the beach, the sun, road trips, vacations, or romance. Longer books and some TBR pile catch up reading is also ideal.

The Sun Came Out Today - When the sun comes out I just want to sit outside with any and every book. If it is nice outside and I can comfortably sit outside and read, it doesn't really matter what type of book I'm reading, whether it is for review, or just for fun.

There is a Chill in The Air - When summer is ending and it starts to get a little cold outside, there are specific books that come to mind. Historical fiction is one that I don't read a lot of except when it's chilly out, same with non-fiction. Horror books are another great choice. I don't know if it's because Halloween is just around the corner, but this is when I like to get my scare on. I also enjoy a good Fantasy novel.


  1. I'm not sure I could be this specific, but I definitely also like to read just about anything in summer -- I think it reminds me of summer vacations as a kid when I probably read the most books of the year. And I don't like reading about the summer in the middle of winter either!

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone and that you don't like to read about the summer in the winter either. Good to know I'm sane. (or at least not totally crazy)

  2. Ahh I love this and I can totally relate! I definitely think I gravitate more towards some books than others depending on the time of year. The most obvious being warm-weather books in the summer.

    And I LOVE reading by the fire with a blanket and a warm drink. It is my second favorite reading spot, after the pool of course :) There is nothing like relaxing in the sun with a book in your hand :) And rainy days are the best for curling up on the couch too.

    Such a fun post! And sorry for my long breaks between visiting! My life has been so crazy lately :/

    1. I'm glad you can relate and I'm not totally crazy. ;)

      So this is going to be a weird thing to say...but I LOVE reading in the tub, but I'm so nervous to read in/by the pool, which makes absolutely no sense. So maybe I am crazy.

      I don't mind the long breaks, everyone's life gets a little crazy. I know you didn't forget about me. :D


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