April 25, 2014

The Sites That Saved Me From Countless Blogging Disasters

Now that I have been blogging for almost two years I feel like I can officially give some helpful advice to my fellow book bloggers out there. I wrote this post not only to give you some helpful websites full of blogging tips and hints and other stuff, but I wrote it to also praise all those blogs and websites that without their help my blog would look like crap, and you probably wouldn't even be reading this right now. So here are some awesome blogs and other sites that really help me keep my blog looking fabulous and running smoothly.

** Please share with me some of your website secrets that keep your blog running and looking beautiful! I can use all the help I can get. :)

The Five Obvious Ones

1. Goodreads has been a life saver since I started blogging. I keep track of my To Be Read Pile using Goodreads which keeps me better organized than I ever have been with just a word document. I also love how I can announce to other readers and bloggers what I am currently reading and get to check out what they are currently reading as well. Not to mention Goodreads also has some giveaways you can enter to win some ARCs.

2. I never used Twitter before I started my blog. I just didn't get the point of it. Now I love it. It's not only a great way to share with the world what I post on my blog, but I get to interact with authors and a lot of them tweet back! It's awesome. Not to mention getting to talk with other bloggers and all the fun Twitter chats and events.

3. Once Google Reader was over I needed to find a new platform to not only follow new bookish blogs, but to organize and keep track of the blogs I was already following. Although Bloglovin has its annoying moments, such as when it says I still have unread posts, but they don't show, it has been good to me. It's easy to follow other blogs.

4. I'm not sure why, or I just don't remember why I chose Blogger to host my blog, but I did. It's free and it has been pretty easy to use. I know a lot of people prefer Wordpress, but since I haven't had any big problems with Blogger I'm just going to stick with it. One day I hope to actually have my own site, but I don't have the the money for that right now so my website will continue to have .blogspot at the end of it.

5. Google has been without a doubt the most helpful search engine ever whenever I would encounter a blogging crisis. Every time I need help with just about anything book or blog related I just Google it and most of the time I find what I need.

The Five Sites That Make My Blog Pretty

1. PicMonkey is a similar type of program like Photoshop, but it is free! It takes a little while to discover all of the interesting things you can do with this program, but it is totally worth your time. I like using the site to make collages among other things. I made my blog header using this site along with all of my side bar headers.

2. I stumbled upon A Universe Behind Your Eyelids a long time ago when I was in search of a way to put boxes around text. I really needed to spruce up how my reviews looked on my blog. This site didn't just give me a tutorial, it has a text box creator. Every single time you see a text box on my blog I made it using this site. You can change the color of the box, the color of the border, all of that fun stuff. I know many of you probably just use the code to make boxes on your site, but for some reason I just always found this way to be easier for me.

3. My favorite post from the Code it Pretty blog is the one that taught me own to use different/unique blog fonts from google fonts and how to put them on my blog. It was an easy to follow tutorial. Hence my recently new font for my reviews. There are other helpful tutorials on Code it Pretty along with other website suggestions for your blogging needs.

4. The wonderful site LinkWithin gave me what I found to be the easiest way to add a related posts widget on my blog that shows up at the end of each post.

5. Giphy is pretty much my go to site for whenever I want to use entertaining gifs in my discussion posts. I tried using Google to find gifs at first but that was too much of a pain. It's so much easier to use Giphy. How do you find gifs?

Two Of My Favorite Book Blogs That Offer Great Blogging Advice

1. Parajunkee gives its readers some of the best book blogging advice that I have ever come across so far while blogging. The best is that a lot of her advice is aimed directly at book bloggers not just general advice for any old blogs. Her feature is called Book Blogging 101. 

2. The Caffeinated Book Reviewer is another of my favorite book blogs that offers some great blogger tips and tricks. 


  1. I've always wondered about how to do text boxes -- thanks for the links!

    1. That website makes it so easy for me to use text boxes in my reviews! I hope it helps.

  2. I will have to check out PicMonkey and thanks for the shout-out I am glad you find useful tips.

    1. You are very welcome, I love your tips! Picmonkey is fun and free. :)

  3. THIS IS SO HELPFUL! Ash and I pretty much only use the 5 obvious ones you listed. I don't know how to use picmonkey and I never heard of Code it Pretty, LinkWithin, or Giphy until now! I am already excited to use these new sites. And I really need to read more book blogging tips & tricks posts because after a year and a half of blogging I still feel so out of the loop. Ugh. (I feel a discussion post on that coming). Thanks so much Kay!!!

    1. I'm glad I could help! Oh and I too pretty much feel out of the loop with blogging tips and tricks still. This post is all I got. lol :)


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