July 11, 2014

Introducing the Loves of My Life - My Bookcases Part One

**Just for the record, my husband knows I love him very very much and he said he was not offended by the following bookish post. Now since that is out of the way...

I have recently decided to take a closer look at the loves of my life (my bookcases) and share what I find with all of you. I know that it may seem like a waste of time to some people, but as fellow book nerds I'm sure you all will enjoy these bookish posts. Get excited folks, because I will have three whole posts dedicated to my bookcases. Obviously I have one today, then one next Friday the 18th, and one Friday the 25th. Each post will feature my bookcases in some way and the embarrassing, fun, and interesting things I noticed about them. 

Now let the games begin! I'm kicking off this series by participating in this fun activity that I found over at Book Riot that was posted by Peter Damien. It all started with the comic by Tom Gauld that is pictured below. 

I followed Book Riot's guide and truthfully answered the following questions based on the categories that are taken from the photo. I'm only counting my books that are on my bookcases. Detailed pictures of my actual bookshelves will be featured in the next two posts in this series. *evil laugh* Now you must come back again next Friday! Okay, let's finally get to it. Sit back and enjoy my bookshelf confessions. 

Read? I read a lot of library books, and I mean a lot. Therefore, it was really hard for me to figure out which book I read last that was from my actual bookcase. Luckily, I read one right before this post went live so this question really turned out to be an easy one. Now to the point, the last book I read from my own shelves would have been The Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Ludquest. I enjoyed it.
Intending to Read? I am embarrassed to admit (but know deep down that I'm not alone which helps) that I have so many books on my shelves that I am intending to read, but I just haven't yet. So I'm going to pick just two for this exercise. 1. The one that has been on my bookcase the longest = The 19th Wife by: Erika Robuck. I received this book for Christmas three years ago. 2. The One I hope to read super soon = Uninvited by: Sophie Jordan.
Half-Read? I started reading The Troop by: Nick Cutter but I had to DNF it. I really wasn't getting into the overly gross novel. Other than that I pretty much don't have any other books that I have only half-read on my shelves.
Pretend I’ve Read? I don't do this now, but I have before when I was younger and more worried about what people thought about my reading habits. The big one from back then that I lied about would have to be Jane Eyre, but then I had to read it for class in college so it all worked out.
Saving For When I Have More Time? I would love to make it all the way through my Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe. Maybe I should start reading a little every week. Hmmm... I could make that into a challenge.
Will Never Read? Honestly, I hope I will read all the books, but in all reality I probably won't ever read the book Patient Zero by Johnathon Maberry. I bought it for both my husband and me back when Borders was closing (it was hard not to buy all the cheap books), but neither of us have read it yet. The other book I may never get around to reading is The Journals of James Boswell. I had to purchase that book for a class in college but we didn't get around to reading it. I still hope I do at some point.
Purely For Show? This one was hard since I don't really have any books purely for show... until it hit me, The new HP collection is basically only for show. I haven't even taken the wrapper off of the set yet, which I received for Christmas, because I don't want to get it gross. I have my older hardcover and paperback copies of the HP series that show how much I love them, this one can just be for show, at least for now.
Read But Can’t Remember A Single Thing About It? Most of the Nicolas Sparks books. I own at least four of them and I really can't tell them apart no matter how hard I try. I don't even remember the names of the characters, where they take place, etc. I do however have a general idea of the plot structure for those ones. ;)
Wish I Hadn’t Read? I don't think I have a book on my actual bookcase that I wish I hadn't read. I pick and choose which books to display on my bookshelves since I don't own enough to hold all of my books, and I wouldn't display a book I didn't like. Therefore, instead I'm going to mention two books that are in one of my book totes that I would never display on my precious shelves. First, the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, I think you all know why. Second, Geek Love by: Katherine Dunn, it was beyond disturbing. It was too much for me.
**This post was so much fun to write! You all should do this exercise as well. I would love to read your posts about your bookshelf confessions. 

Come back on July 18th for an even more up close and personal post about my bookcases. Pictures will be included for you to fangirl over and/or judge. 


  1. Love this so much! I seem to be more into reading than blogging this summer, but hoping to get back in the groove and a little project like this looks like fun :)

    1. This really helped me spice things up a bit on the blog. :) Sometimes I feel like I'm starting to get bored with blogging and a post like this usually changes my mind. It was just too much fun. I'm glad you are more into reading than blogging this summer, enjoy it!

  2. So fun! LOVE that little comic! hahaha made me roll :) Love the meme!

    The Book Bluff

  3. This was fun! I think I need to do something like this too :)

  4. LOVED THIS! And glad I don't have to wait a week to read part 2 ;) (instant gratification woo!)

    You must read Uninvited soon!! And I am glad we can agree that Fallen by Lauren Kate is just terrible.

    I definitely think I am going to partake in this!


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