July 18, 2014

The Loves of My Life - My Bookcases Part 2

My Bookcases Part 2 - Let's Get Personal

Maybe not this personal... but I couldn't pass up this gif. I do love my books. ;)
**Don't miss my first post featuring my bookshelves. It can be found here. I participated in a fun exercise where I really examined what books are on my shelves. Check it out and join in on the fun!

Now I will finally show you what my bookcases look like, after they have been cleaned up just a little bit of course. (Get super freaking excited to fangirl and judge away.) I apologize for the not so great photos, but I don't have a nice camera and the lighting in my living room isn't great. Anyway, I will shut up now, or at at least long enough to finally post the pictures.

The General Organization of My Bookcases

I labeled them so you could all follow along a little better and use this photo as a reference if needed.

I order my bookcases basically by my mood, how much I love a book, shelf space, and if they are adult or young adult. I hope you will be able to see the pattern (or at least what I think is a pattern but really probably isn't to anyone but myself) as you read along. At the very least you can sit back and relax while reading my bookish rambling.

A Tour of Bookcase 1 (My 1st Real Bookcase)

My Very Special Shelf
Quick Description: My first shelf, my very special shelf, is where I put the young adult books I hold most dear to my heart. So why do I still have Twilight on my most very special shelf? I have no idea. I used to like the books (I don't hate them now I'm just not obsessed like I used to be) and they will always have a special place in my heart, but I will be removing them. The Throne of Glass series will respectfully take their place once all the books have been released. I will eventually put my old HP books away as well (the ones behind the very pretty ones) and have just the new ones on this shelf.

Fun Fact: My copy of Allegiant is signed by Veronica Roth. I got to meet her! Read about that embarrassing story here.

My Favorite Book on This Shelf: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

An Ode to Riordan
Quick Description: I LOVE Rick Riordan, in case you can't tell, and I would have his books on the top shelf, but there wouldn't be enough room for my HP books as well. So that is why they adorn my second shelf. I wasn't even a overly huge fan of The Maze Runner series and the Shiver trilogy but I did enjoy them and they fit nicely on this shelf with the Riordan books, although they won't fit that well once I get Mockingjay back and the last Percy Jackson book comes out. I will have to rearrange. Oh darn.

Fun Fact: The Maze Runner is in paperback because I needed it for a college course (the best one I ever took). I bought the other ones later when they first came out. 

My Favorite Book on This Shelf: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

The Shelf That Makes Me Feel/Look Smart
Quick Description: This shelf contains mostly books from classes I took in college, the special ones that I didn't want to sell back because I liked them too much. Sadly, thanks to the horrible lighting in my apartment, you cant see what a lot of the books are. I do have The Handmaid's Tale, The Short Stories: Ernest Hemingway, The Thirteenth Tale, and The Castle of Otranto, just to name a few.

Fun Fact: My Sony Reader is on top of my James Boswell book. I store it on my bookcase because I even want my reader to be on display. My husband said I should buy a digital rotating picture frame and put the covers of the books I have on my reader on there so I can really display my e-books. I just laughed at him...or did I? 

My Favorite Book on This Shelf: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Half and Half
Quick Description: Half of the books on this shelf are mine and half are my husband's books. The James Patterson books on this shelf are my husband's books. I was so kind to give him half of this shelf along with most of the one below it. I'm so generous. The books after Taken that are hard to read are books in the Tomorrow When The War Began series by John Marsden. I only own some of them for whatever reason, but I've read them all and they are divine.

Fun Fact: These are just the latest Janet Evanovich books, I actually own all the books in the Stephanie Plum series, a huge mix of paperbacks and hardcovers.

My Favorite Book on This Shelf: Any of the Tomorrow Series books.

Mostly My Husband's Shelf
Quick Description: The economics books and the Stephen King books are the property of my husband. The writing/editing books are mine and the library books are mine. 

Fun Fact: Most of my husband's books were purchased by me and given to him as gifts. 

My Favorite Book on This Shelf: Texts From Dog by October Jones (This is my husband's book but I read it and it is hilarious. Its the little short book towards the left-hand side.)

** Come back next Friday (July 25th) to get more behind the scenes pictures of my bookish life. I will be featuring a close look at bookcase 2. Until then, happy reading!


  1. Those are some nice bookcases you have! I love seeing other booklovers' shelves and how they choose to arrange their books. I think I arrange mine mostly like you do :) The new HP box is sooo pretty! I agree with you on Twilight, they used to be my favorite books, but not so much anymore, though they are still on the top of my shelf like yours for some reason.
    Looking forward to seeing a close-up of your second bookcase :D

    1. Thanks for reading my long rambling post!

      I love getting a sneak peak at other's bookshelves as well so I figured it was time I share mine. Maybe one day we will move the Twilight books... :) I don't think I will ever remove the wrapper from the pretty new HP books. We shall see.

    2. Haha, yeah maybe someday, though you kind of get used to them being there, right? I totally understand, so much prettyness (is that a word?) must be preserved, but it would probably make them kinda difficult to read ;)

  2. I love those arrows! And getting a peek at your shelves, of course :) What class did you read the Maze Runner for? I took an elective Science Fiction & Fantasy in Literature class in college and it was pretty much the best class I ever took -- why wasn't I an English major again? Oh right, I read too darn slow & didn't want to be a teacher, so couldn't think of how exactly else I could use it, LOL -- no offense to non-teacher English majors though, kudos to anyone who had this major and found another way to apply it -- I'm sure it's not all sunshine, rainbows & bookish love, but I still think it would have been great to read a ton of books for college :)

    1. Thanks Christine! I got to see your shelves so now you got to finally see mine.

      I can't remember the class name, but all we read was young adult books! Being an English major was awesome, but very time consuming, and you are absolutely correct, not a lot of jobs unless you are a teacher. I got lucky getting a job at the library. I may go back and get a library of science degree. Yes, it was great reading all the books for college and getting to talk about them with so many of my peers. :) What was your major? I'm not sure I know.

    2. I was pretty sure you were an English major, but wasn't 100% sure -- I was Human Services -- who knows how I came across that one -- and worked at a nursing home for several years before moving, and now I do something completely unrelated anyway! A job at the library seems so perfect for you & a library of science degree, too if you decide to go for it :)

  3. First of all, that 1st gif is awesome! And 2nd, I just love to see a bookcase, when you can see how much the person love her books :) Gosh, so many beauties!

    1. I couldn't not post that gif! Thanks! I love looking at other people's bookcases too so I figured I would share mine.

  4. Really like your husband's suggestion for displaying your ebooks...that's genius! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Yay books!! I love the little notes on the arrows and the fun facts you provided!! I am also oober jealous of your box set of HP! I need one for myself!!

    My bookshelf is color coded, and I am still building up my collection of my favorites - I have a lot of ARCs from the last 3 conferences I attended, so it's an odd assortment of books... Not sure I should show them off yet.

    1. I really made this post to make you jealous over my HP books... didn't you know that? lol ;)

      I want to see a picture of your bookshelf this instant!!! (Or I could maybe wait patiently.)

  6. This is such a cute idea! Twilight was exactly the same for me, I didn't really like it but it got top spot on my bookcase! I think the spines just look nice together because they're so dark and simple.


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