December 3, 2015

**Spoiler Review** I am in love with Jessica Jones

Here I share with you all the thoughts that were running through my head as I watched the very first episode of Jessica Jones. I got this idea from Buzzfeed when they do this for The Walking Dead. This show is my new obsession! If you are watching it please discuss all things Jessica Jones with me in the comments!

My Review: Jessica Jones (Season 1 | Episode 1) "AKA Ladies Night"

**This review contains spoilers.**

1. I am liking the colors and the graphics of the intro/opening credits.
2. Jessica is rather entertaining right off the bat. So far so good.
3. Sex already? I guess that makes sense since she is a P.I.
4. Bye, bye window!
5. "People do bad shit." I hear you Jessica.
6. That chick on the bus is going to be important later. Foreshadowing for the win.
7. I love Jessica's attitude.
8. This new chick reminds me of a dark haired Claire from House of Cards.
9. I really do like Jessica's scarf.
10. Who doesn't get pissed when they are on the toilet and realize they are out of TP? No one blames you Jessica. It happens to the best of us.
11. Is the thermos for the cold or just because? I'm thinking just because.
12. That would be me during a workout....
13. Ewwwww is right.
14. Finally! A David Tennant sighting! He is going to be one creepy bad-ass.
15. This girl is a mess. #Adulting
16. Her facial expressions make my day.
17. Did she just try to give him Elmer's glue to fix her door? Love it.
18. Was it open? Was it?
19. These two are characters.
20. Jerk alert.
21. Yeah, just a normal Friday night. Lifting cars and stuff.
22. I forgot that she lives in the Marvel universe where people know about the Avengers.
23. I may have not fought that (David Tennant licking one's face doesn't sound too terrible), but still kind of creepy. Just kidding... (Here is a little comic about how I feel about David Tennant while watching Jessica Jones.)
24. I gotta say, this show makes me laugh more than I thought it would.
25. Make up your mind Jessica, go in the damn bar!
26. I think that is the guy she was spying on earlier! Hmmm.....
27. Good idea. Who says no to free drinks?
28. I feel some heat between these two.
29. She is observant.
30. I want to know his history.
31. This is awkward more than anything...
32. I think we may have found the reason, or should I say woman, behind why this guy cherishes his bar so much.
33. I think Jessica knows more about him than she let on.
34. I'm glad I no longer have to deal with neighbors in an apartment.
35. Look! That blonde girl again on another poster! When do we get to meet her?
36. Someone (aka probably Tennant) messed with this guy's head. Sorry I keep calling him Tennant. I don't know his evil name yet.
37. She runs so fast she turns day into night!
38. Shit just got real.
39. I wish I had the money for an impromptu trip as well, for different reasons of course.
40. Ohhhh, black haired Claire is a cheater. I feel like there will be a lot of those in this show.
41. The blonde chick finally makes an appearance!
42. Friends, lovers, or sisters? I put my money on BFFs.
43. This is intense.
44. She is going to change her mind.
45. Called it!
46. I would be scared too. I am creeped out to the max.
47. Chills.
48. Ah, his name is Killgrave. How appropriate.
49. It would be horrible to have no control over your body.
50. That got her to calm down.
51. Poor girl.
52. Jessica is one strong woman.
53. She should get her door fixed.
54. No freaking way!!
55. Nope. No. Nope.
56. OMG!
57. This show is dark.
58. I hope Jessica catches Kilgrave and kicks his ass.
59. That was one hell of a first episode.
60. I am so glad this is on Netflix and I can binge watch it.

What did you think?! Should I do this for every new show I try? I have yet to decide if I will do this again, but I had a lot of fun doing it!


  1. I LOVED JESSICA JONES. Seriously. One of the best television shows I've ever seen, and mostly because 1) the heroine is so complex and dealing with her trauma as best she can, 2) the villain is superb (David Tennant is freaking brilliant) and 3) it's just something that feels gritty and real. (I too love the opening credits, by the way! They're so pretty.)

    1. My husband and I finished the show last night and it was AMAZING!! It was very dark, gritty, complex, and just plain awesome. David Tennant was beyond brilliant! He blew me away. He gave me chills. AHHHH I am still freaking out about the awesomeness of that show. :D

  2. Kay..I will be checking this out. Apparently I do not surf Netflix nearly enough because this sound awesome and I adore David Tennant.

    1. This is probably my new favorite television show! It was amazing! I hope you enjoy it. It's dark, gritty, and has some amazing characters and acting.

  3. I've only watched the first show, but I think you nailed it, lol!! Thanks Netflix for giving us a dark and gritty show to watch. :)

    1. I am praising Netflix right now. I finished this show in a week! I hope you are loving it!

  4. I've been very interested in this show! I've heard some good things about! Definitely will have to watch it when I can :D

    1. It has amazing acting and is dark and gritty and wonderful.

  5. I knew I liked you for a reason (;
    I binge watched this so hard when it came out.
    David Tennant is the creepiest badass ever! He does such a good job and so does Krysten Ritter. There's supposed to be a kind of spin off show I guess with this. It's another superhero show I believe. It should be good.

    1. Same. I binged watched it hard too!!!! O.M.G. David Tennant was AMAZING!!!! At the end all I could think of was.... GIVE ME MORE!

  6. Dang ok so I stopped reading this post after a few bullets because i want to watch this show so I figured we can talk then. I still have to finish The 100 and I did start Parks and Recreation too but I'll try to squeeze this in soon!

    1. You MUST tell me when you watch it! You like dark and gritty and this show has it in abundance. I just started season 2 of 100 and I am liking it more with each episode.


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