March 4, 2016

I Binged Fuller House - My Recap of the First Episode

Full House was MY show when I was growing up. I was obsessed, and my obsession didn't stop when it was over. It was just so much fun, and as a kid it was my jam. Now I am all grown-up along with the cast and I have been both excited about and dreading this reboot. Now it is finally time to see if Fuller House lives up to the hype. Here is my moment by moment thoughts and feelings of the very first episode. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

1. Old school opening credits! So many memories. Love this.
2. The house!
3. All three men are in the house! <3
4. I missed these people. They all aged well. Becky is adorable! (Becky and Jessi together make me smile.)
5. Steph looks a little weird, but I think it's just weird seeing them all grown up now.
6. That was a pretty funny dig at why Michelle isn't on the show.
7. So its a little funny so far, but definitely still in the 90's mode. I think that is on purpose though.
8. Look how big the twins are! Whoa. They are also kind of lame.
9. I do like how they keep slyly (but not so slyly) commenting that this is a reunion show.
10. Why does Steph have a British accent again?
11. It's getting a little more funny. I am really starting to dig this.
12. I always enjoyed the scenes centered around the dining table. This one was almost just as good. Almost.
13. The new opening was also very adorable and fun.
14. I just love seeing this house again. Have I mentioned that enough yet?
15. I see what they are doing... each girl represents the original three main guys. Duh.
16. Too cute scene from the past. I love it.
17. Mr. Woodchuck even makes an appearance. Is this too much for the first episode? Eh.
18. Will non-Full House fans enjoy this show nearly as much as us that grew up watching it? I am thinking perhaps not, but you never know!
19. Kimmy is still as cute and as annoying as ever.
20. One of my favorite appearances... Steve. I wonder where this is going to go.... hahaha It's so hard to guess...
21. I think my overall favorite is going to be DJ.
22. I can't get over how good Becky looks! I also love her character.
23. The Rippers are even here. They really did pull out all the stops for this first episode.
24. It's hard to care about the kids and not just the adults since they are new.
25. Max is pretty cute though.
26. I love the DJ and Steve interactions.
27. Why are they still not offering to stay and help DJ? Get to it!
28. Even Comet's legacy lives on.
29. This Max kid really is growing on me.
30. And "Cut it Out" has its moment of fame...
31. hahahahahhahaha
32. Man, this show now has me tearing up! Darn it.
33. I think these three girls together are going to make a fun show. It's time to pass the torch.
34. I really am enjoying this episode.
35. Cute. Very cute.
36. This was a very fun first episode giving the old show a nice homage.
37. Since the puppy woke me up and I have the day off I might as well keep watching....

FINAL VERDICT:  I binged watch the whole show on Friday when it came out! (It is only 13 episodes.) I had the day off and me and the puppy decided to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Fuller House may not be winning any awards, but it was very entertaining. I loved all the old catch phrases being brought back, I loved the character dynamics, and I loved that it was an adorable family show with both adult and kid jokes mixed in. I think Full House fans will not be disappointed. I just love how corny this show was and is.


  1. Yes! I'm only on episode 4 now but I'm loving it so far. I think it's great that they've added in some more "adult" jokes too haha. It updates everything really nicely! Same excellent cheesiness as before though ;)

  2. Yes! I loved this too! I binged it last weekend! Best life decision ever! It definitely brought me back in time and I loved seeing DJ, Kimmy, and Steph all grown up! They are so great together! And of course seeing our old favorites too! I am not a fan of Steve though. They made him act a bit too creeper for me. LOL. I adored Matt!

    1. Right?! I don't regret bingeing this one! I liked Steve the creeper, and Matt. If only she could have both. lol At least they already renewed season 2!

  3. I wish I could binge watch it! I've only watched the first few episodes, but I am definitely enjoyed it. I love how corny it is and I just loved seeing everyone again.

    1. Same! I think fans of the original series are really going to enjoy it.

  4. WOOO, I have to started it yet, I have been rewatching all of Gilmore Girls but it is on my list! Happy to here that it is worth watching and entertaining :)

    1. I think you will like it Ashley! (Also, rewatching Gilmore Girls is ALWAYS a good excuse for anything.)


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