March 25, 2016

Take 5

This is how our puppy Bash likes to take 5.

I loved this Take 5 post by Chrstine @ Bookishly Boisterous and just had to do my own! I love making lists.

5 Things that I Wish I'd Do But Am Not
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Organize my closet/dresser
Listen to podcasts
Workout every day (as Bash gets older we will take him on longer walks every day)
Finally getting my wedding rings re-sized

5 Bad Foods for You that I Not-So-Secretly Love
Kraft Mac & Cheese
Cheesy French Fries
Ramen Noodles
Movie Theater Popcorn

5 Things that Make Me Irrationally Angry
A Super Messy Room
Horrible Drivers
Getting Woken Up Unexpectedly

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To
A whole slew of book releases
My friend's wedding in April
BEA & BookCon in May
My husband's birthday in April
My birthday in April

5 Places I Wish I Could Go Right This Damn Second
Disney World
To Bed


  1. Replies
    1. It was a lot of fun! You totally should.

  2. Well, I can't really get mad at a baby, but my son's messy room does annoy me sometimes. His latest trick is pulling all the books he can reach off his bookcase -- and as I'm sure you can imagine, his bookcase is quite full. And seriously how does such a small person have so much stuff? It's already like a tornado blew through there...and another blew through right after I cleaned it up. I probably should just give up now. LOL

    1. Kids at the library LOVE pulling books off the shelves. hahaha I love that he has so many books! I mean.... what is a messy kids room except showing that he is having a fun time in there?! :D

  3. This was a fun post and I wanna just snuggle with the puppy! Too cute! All of your five things that make you irrationally angry also make me as well! I cannot stand a messy room and don't even get me started on horrible drivers!

    1. I do love snuggling him, when he is calm enough to do so! Horrible drives drive me insane!


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