October 5, 2018

Five on Friday: Movies to Watch This October

I freaking love fall. I love the cooler weather. I love the sweaters, boots, and scarves. I love watching the leaves change colors. I love football and I love pumpkin spice everything. Last but not least, I love watching horror movies during the month of October as the days lead up to Halloween. Okay, I think I have declared my love for fall enough for one day. Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite movies to watch during the month of October.

Hocus Pocus
This is a must watch for me every year, and I am sure I am not alone. Some of my favorite movie lines come from Hocus Pocus. "Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!" I also love how many inappropriate jokes there are that I didn't realize until I was older.

The Cabin in the Woods
This clever and surprisingly fun (you can't normally say that about horror movies) take on the horror movie genre is a delight. There are a lot of shocking moments, and it certainly doesn't hurt that Chris Hemsworth is in the movie.

The Birds
I'm still not quite sure why I watch this movie every year since I actually am not a big fan of birds, but I do it anyway. Every time I see a whole bunch of black birds in one spot I get the chills. I have been watching this one since I was very young, and perhaps that is the reason why I am not a big fan of birds...

Practical Magic
I can never get enough movies about witches, especially badass ones. This movie has a fantastic cast with Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing, and Dianne Wiest. If you are fan of this movie too then I suggest you read the recent anthology titled Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women & Witchcraft.

A Quiet Place
This is obviously a new one that I have now added onto my rotation! Watching this movie in theaters was a unique experience. The theater had never been more quiet as everyone carefully ate their snacks, or avoided them all together.


  1. My favorite month! Love these movies and I'm planning on some Steven King books for this month as well. (and maybe a rewatch of stranger things if I have the time!) Unrelated to Halloween, I just read a great book about planning for college that I'd definitely pass along as a recommendation if you know anyone planning their college experience. It is called "College Beyond the States" by Jennifer Viemont . It is a super resourceful book with great advice for American college students choosing to study abroad, and gives great advice to save money and still get a great education. You can get your degree for so much less than in the US (I knew this was a possibility but didn't realize how much cheaper is was!) and the author has visited the universities too and gives factual, objective reviews of the options. The website has more info on the book www.beyondthestates.com.

  2. I have to admit I don't really do spooky, creepy or horror when it comes to watching things. Only reading! But I have been hearing a lot about Hocus Pocus so I might actually try this one myself as well! I am curious about A Quiet Place because I've heard positive things about it but I'd need to syke myself up to watch it :P

    My recent post: https://oliviascatastrophe.com/2018/10/september-wrap-up/

    1. I would say to give A Quiet Place a try. I don't watch or read a lot of horror and I enjoyed it! :D

  3. I'll have to watch Hocus Pocus either by ordering it through the library or I'm sure Disney will place it a few times this month.
    Hmm... I think I've seen Practical Magic. Is it set in a small town and the two main characters are sisters? I know that is so vague haha (:
    A Quiet Place is such a great choice! I haven't seen it yet but I've been wanting to since everybody and their mother loves it.
    I'm planning on watching Halloweentown and Coraline when it gets closer to Halloween. I can't find Halloweentown on Netflix or my library. Oddly, my library has all the other Halloweentown sequels except the original. I'm hoping to catch it on Disney later on this month.
    I hope you enjoy watching some of these!

    1. I am sure your library has it and that it will be on Disney this month!! :D
      Practical Magic has been on TV many times and they are indeed sisters! You have probably seen it. I will have to see if my library has Halloween Town because I don't own that one.


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