November 3, 2013

Top Bookish News of The Past Week

Top Bookish News is back!

Here are all of the top bookish stories, blog posts, pictures, and videos I found this past week. I put this post up every Sunday so come back again next week for more bookish awesomeness. 

Click away and enjoy your Sunday!


What 20 years of best sellers say about what we read is an interesting read and worth a look.

Are you traveling any time soon? We can now officially read our e-readers while the airplane takes off due to new FFA rules!
Publisher's Weekly has already published their list of the best books of 2013.

I just found out that BEA will be in Chicago in 2016!! Although that is still a few years away at least I know I will for sure be going to that BEA since I live in Illinois. Take this poll to weigh in on the hot topic of BEA changing venues!

A Texas man was arrested for an overdue library book. Now I'm a big believer in the library and always returning your books, but being arrested for an overdue book? That seems a little crazy my friend.

Read this list of 10 book sequels that aren't written by their original authors. Some of these I knew about and some were new to me.

***THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS*** Veronica Roth discusses the ending of Allegiant! She handles it amazingly.


You must take just a couple of minutes (or longer if you are like me) and look at this literary map that I hope to some day own.

These three tumblrs will make your book lover heart go pitter-pat. Bookshelfies does my favorite thing, people sharing their bookshelves with other book lovers! CoverSpy posts what books they see when they are out and about in New York! Go Book Yourself is yet another site that will give you reading recommendations. I just love the name so I had to share. (Any One Tree Hill fans out there?)

The Book Shimmy Awards are coming over at Epic Reads!!!


Want to be a part of a bookish Secret Santa? Then check out The Broke and Bookish 4th Annual Secret Santa!

The Quiet Concert started a great feature a few weeks ago called Thoughts for Thursday. It really is worth checking out. This week they talked about what would be in their fear landscapes.

If you are trying to find out what new books are coming out next year you should probably take a minute to read Jamie's blog post Catalog Creepin'.

Worried about the impending apocalypse? You don't need to be. Just read Writer of Wrong's How to Survive the Apocalypse (As Taught by YA Fiction). I guarantee you will laugh.

This is the final Catching Fire trailer and man is it good!

MY NaNoWriMo UPDATE as of 11/2


  1. SO MUCH NEWS! Where to begin.

    Very interesting article on reading trends. YAY FOR E-READERS AT TAKE-OFF. That kind of drove me crazy because no, I don't want to stop reading for even a short period of time, thank you.

    So having BEA in NYC is super easy for me so I can't say that I want it to change but I have always wanted to visit Chicago so I think BEA is a perfectly legit excuse. :D And if it makes it easier for some people to attend (like you!) then I'm happy to take turns traveling.

    Arrested? Really? And I still need to read Allegiant...

    THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME ABOUT SECRET SANTA. I saw it mentioned and meant to look out for it. I might have missed it otherwise! YAY :D :D Such a good idea.

    ME ME ME ME ME <3333 Thanks for the shout out!! :D :D :D I'm glad you are liking the posts! We are having fun making them!


    Now I guess I'll go read up on how to survive the apocalypse. ;) Thanks for another great news post!

    1. When I found out you can still read on your e-readers for take off I was more than excited. It was so annoying to have to turn it off, then I wouldn't have anything to read for like 15 minutes!

      You are very welcome for reminding you! :)

      The shout out was well deserved! I love those posts.

      Catching Fire is getting sooooo close.

      Thanks for reading!!!


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