January 26, 2014

The Bookish Report

Here are all of the top bookish stories, blog posts, pictures, and videos I found this past week. I put this post up every Sunday so come back again next week for more bookish awesomeness. 

Click away and enjoy your Sunday!


These Broken Stars is going to be hitting the small screen.  This book just came out last month and I haven't even read it yet, and already it is being made into a television show. I feel like everything lately is based off of books. I love it and yet it makes me nervous.

As an English major myself I found this list of 16 signs that you were an English major spot on. 

I'm not a big science fiction fan when it comes to books and I'm not sure why. I have no problem watching science fiction movies or television shows (although I only watch a select few). I guess I'm just nervous because sometimes things are just a little too weird for me in science fiction books. Either way, instead of continuing to read my ramblings, you should read this post Your'e a Sci-Fan and You Don't Even Know It.

Blog Posts

If you are a writer or know someone that is then you really should read The Sweet Bookshelf's post about how to properly be a writer's friend. It has some good advice on there.

I have the perfect post for you to read if you are in the mood for a laugh. Stop by Book Love so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy her Funny Friday post.

The Novel Hermit has started a new feature on her blog all about different types of fonts. It is interesting and worth a peek.

The first look of Outlander is here! (I know another book to t.v. adaptation, but I guess I'm a sucker.)


  1. Thanks for adding me to the list!

    I've had about 100 people recommend the Outlander series since Christmas! I'm going to jump right on that!

    Mary- The Sweet Bookshelf

    1. You are welcome, thanks for writing such a great post! I hope you enjoy Outlander!

  2. I'm so conflicted about Outlander! I love the books so much & I'm so afraid they are going to ruin them :( But hopefully making it a series will give the time and space to do it justice. I may wait to hear how other fans of the book enjoy it before considering ordering Starz, since we don't currently have it anyway.

    1. That is my concern too...that the television show won't follow the book well enough. Plus, I already watch so many other television shows and don't have Starz either. We shall see.

  3. I still can't get over the fact that grown up Neville Longbottom is good looking! Anyway, I just finished These Broken Stars - I am surprised it is ALREADY becoming a TV show. It was good, I didn't love it though and I don't think I'll be watching the show. Primarily because I watch too many shows already and partly because I think its going to have the feel of Lost and I had my fill of Lost already. But we'll see! I'm not a huge Sci Fi fan either.

    I still need to read Outlander!


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