May 4, 2014

The Bookish Report

Here are all of the top bookish stories, blog posts, pictures, and videos I found this past week. I put this post up every Sunday so come back again next week for more bookish awesomeness.

Click away and enjoy your Sunday!


Apparently just about every book is being made into a movie or television show lately, as I'm sure you have noticed simply by reading these bookish news posts. This time J.K. Rowling's Casual Vacancy is being made into a television mini series. 

The third Throne of Glass book by Maas, Heir of Fire, has had its cover revealed! YES!

I am sure all my followers know by now that I am a big Downton Abbey fan. Well, I have another lovely article that gives some great young adult historical fiction reading suggestions for Downton Abbey fans.

The Princess Diaries series is coming back...for adults! This series was my favorite when I was younger. This news made my whole day.

This is a must read: The 23 Things We Think Upon Entering a Bookstore.

Even though I'm sure you all have heard, if you haven't then you should take a second to get updated about wanting more diversity in young adult books. Here are two interesting blog posts about the subject: Bookcon's Lack of Representation & Thoughts on Diversity in YA

Blog Posts

Check out this cute Where The Wild Things Are nursery!

You really should check out Buckling Bookshelves' new unique feature, Required Re-Reading where she re-reads books she had to read for class. This week she talked about how she didn't appreciate The Joy Luck Club the first time, but really enjoyed it the second time.

Have you ever had trouble organizing your TBR pile on goodreads? I know I have. Nicole over at The Quiet Concert shares her organization tips. It may give you some helpful ideas for your own list. It did for me.

It's not okay to steal, ever. If you want some free and/or cheap books, read this post.

This discussion post was a lot of fun to read and comment on. Have you ever thought about your favorite fictional characters and their lives once the book your reading ends?



  1. Really? I can't believe J.K. Rowling is getting another deal for one of her books. She is a great writer so I can''t really act surprised.
    I never read The Princess Diaries series but Meg Cabot is fulfilling many a readers dream in bringing back characters as adults.
    Haha (: ~ #9 "I wanna live in you, book." and #23 ~ I miss that show.
    That discussion post at the end was really interesting. I think readers think about what'll happen to their characters after their book has ended right away but when a new book comes they move on... at least I do.
    Hilarious comic!

    1. The Princess Diaries books were so cute and fun!

      OMG, that list is the best/very true. #23 - I wish I could watch that show every day forever. lol

      The comic made my whole day when I found it. It's so true.

  2. Isn't that Where the Wild Things Are nursery so great? And thanks for sharing my new feature! I still have to figure out how often I'm going to do it, but it was so much fun & I'm excited to make it a regular thing.

    When I first heard about the whole Erin Bowman piracy thing, it got my blood boiling! I can't even believe some of the arguments I read defending piracy, trying to make the authors feel like the bad guys. I do not like it when authors behave badly, but this is SO not the same thing.

    Oh and the 23 things we think when entering a bookstore? Yes. Yes, to all of them :)

    1. Oh, and since we recently caved and ordered HBO to watch Game of Thrones, I'm glad we will have the Casual Vacancy as another series to watch. It wasn't my favorite book by a long shot, but I'm glad they're going the series route instead of a movie -- I think it will adapt much better as a series.

      OK I think I'm done now -- so much news this week!

    2. I love your new feature, no matter how often you do it. :)

      I know...defending piracy....UGH. seriously people.

      OMG I love the whole entire list and I re-read it because it's awesome and oh so very true.

      You should watch Casual Vacancy and then let me know if I should watch it. I can't decide, but I actually think it would work as a really interesting television show, maybe even better than the book, if that kind of thing is possible.

  3. CANNOT WAIT FOR HEIR OF FIRE! And I LOVE these covers. Although CoM might still be my favorite.

    I'm surprised. I've actually read like half of those YA Historical Fiction recommendations for Downtown Abbey fans! And loved almost all of them!

    OMG the things thought when entering a bookstore. SO TRUE. Best post ever!

    Me :) :)

    I've totally thought about where the case of Harry Potter is and what shenanigans they are getting up to :) I miss being in that world.

    1. *looks around hoping Heir of Fire will magically appear out of thin air and when it doesn't begins to sob.

      I continue to read the entering a bookstore list all the time. It's just so true, but boy does it make me want to do a bookstore visit like right this second.

      I randomly think about HP too, I just can't help myself. Sometimes I may daydream little stories about their futures. hehe :)


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