December 31, 2014

I'm Putting the Library on Hold

Details HERE |Start Date: 1/1/2015 | End Date: 1/31/2015

For one whole month (January 2015) I will ONLY be reading books that I already own. I will NOT be getting books from the library, or if I do I won't be reading them. I am always gathering piles and piles of books from the library to read and their ever looming due dates always make me lean towards reading them before my own. I am addicted to the library and it doesn't help that I work at one. Therefore, I hope that I can start the year off on the right foot by reading some of my own books from my TBR pile instead of just library books.

Without further ado... here are some of the books I own and still need/want to read. Perfect choices for this challenge.

1. The Arrivals by: Melissa Marr
2. The Burning Sky by: Sherry Thomas
3. Landry Park by: Bethany Hagen
4. Uninvited by: Sophie Jordan
5. Premeditated by: Josin L. McQuein
6. Torn Away by: Jennifer Brown
7. The 19th Wife by:David Ebershoff
8. Hemingway's Girl by: Erika Robuck
9. Legacy by: C.J. Daugherty
10. Undead With Benefits by: Jeff Hart
11. Every Breath by: Ellie Marney
12. American Gods by: Neil Gaiman
13. Hit by: Lorie Ann Grover
14. Compulsion by: Martina Boone
15. The Storied Life of A.J. Fickry by:Gabrielle Zevin
16. Blonde Ops by: Charlotte Bennardo, Natalie Zaman
17. The Accidental Assassin by: Nichole Chase
18. Withering Hope by: Layla Hagen


Put The Library on Hold was a success!!! I only read books that I already owned for the entire month of January. Although it was rather hard not to get books and read them from the library for a whole month, especially since I work at one, I don't regret participating in this challenge. I read nine of my own books that I have been meaning to read for some time. I feel accomplished. I think I shall be doing this every year. It was a good way to start of my 2015 bookish year.


  1. Yay! I hope this will be a fruitful month for you (and all of us). Posting my challenge goals tomorrow...

    1. Thanks! I'm super excited for this challenge. :)

  2. This is a great challenge and a great way to start the year! I do the same thing all the time -- I love using my library, but it's good to have a balance between reading library borrows and books you own -- not always easy though, and probably even harder for you since you work in a library :) For me, I just need to decide to not go every once in a while to rein it in!

    1. I love the library, but I have such a hard time putting my own books first when I have ALL the library books. lol Therefore I thought this challenge would be a good start to the year. Plus, I did get some good books for Christmas. :) I'm glad you use your local library. It always makes me smile when people talk about using their libraries. It seems like you have a really good balance too between using the library and reading your own books. Jealous.

  3. Happy New Year - whatever you choose from your list I hope you will love them. I rely heavily on my library so this is a real challenge for me.

  4. GOOD LUCK! I had the same problem for a while but I've gotten much better as of late. But I have a similar problem with ARCs and so my TBR still gets neglected. *Sigh*. There are some really good books on this list so I am looking forward to comparing thoughts and hearing your opinions om books I've been meaning to read!


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