December 21, 2014

The Bookish Report

Here are all of the top bookish stories, blog posts, pictures, and videos I found this past week. I put this post up every Sunday so come back again next week for more bookish awesomeness.Click away and enjoy your Sunday!


Thiswill make you smile.
I know we don't need any reasons, but this list of 15 reasons why books make the best gifts is funny and absolutely true.
This slideshow and information about Americans and their books is interesting.
Norman Bridwell, the creator of the Clifford The Big Red dogs books, has passed away. May he R.I.P.

Fellow Book Blogger Posts

Of Spectacles and Books - Age Differences in the Blogging World
A Novel Challengeis a life saver for all those out there trying to decide which reading/book challenges you want to participate in next year.

I Can't Wait

I'm Confused


  1. I am very skeptical about Insurgent, it was not my favorite book and I worry about the movie now too!

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

    1. That trailer just didn't' really seem like the book at all. I'm not sure how I feel. It wasn't my favorite book either. I almost think I will just wait until it is on dvd to see it. :/

  2. WARNING: A Novel Challenge can also be addictive and lead you to enter waaaaay too many reading challenges, lol :) I'm being good this year though, I swear! It is so helpful to have them all (or at least a great majority) in one place to help you decide though -- a big thank you to the person who maintains that site!

    1. You are so very right! A Novel Challenge is addicting and I had to force myself to stop looking. lol

  3. I agree with Christine. A Novel Challenge makes you sign up for way too many challenges. I'm not being good this year...
    I'm really excited for Inside Out. I just wish they wouldn't tease me this ahead of the year. It's a bit frustrating :P
    I haven't read Insurgent so I was excited about the trailer. What makes it confusing to you?

    1. So I have discovered.... lol
      Inside Out looks so funny and cute and I want to watch it so bad. It does suck we have to wait forever until it comes out.
      The Insurgent trailer looks cool, but I don't think it really follows the book at all which is why it confused me.

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