May 15, 2015

Bout of Books: Cover Color Challenge

Cover Color Challenge
Hosted by Wishful Endings

The Challenge: Pick a color and find at least four books that are almost all of that one color. Share your findings with everyone!

Apparently most of the books on my shelves are red and blue. I had even more in those colors than what is pictured below but I thought I would stop making a mess and just stick with the ones I grabbed first. Have you ever noticed if you have a dominant book cover color on your shelves? What is your dominant cover color?


  1. I feel like mine are all black and white! I need some colors on my shelves!

    1. I wonder what my shelves would look like if they were organized by color....

  2. Such pretty covers! I can't pick which I like or blue!!!

  3. I missed out on this challenge. It looks like fun, but I'm sure I would just start thinking about reorganizing my shelves in a rainbow pattern.
    The dark blue and red books you picked look beautiful together. I'm not next to my bookshelves now, but I noticed the other day I have a lot of white covers for some reason. Or maybe I'm just noticing them because they stand out from the crowd.

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