May 18, 2015

I Feel Like Gabbing Today

** I have no idea how often I will post this feature. It is a work in progress. I do however know that I want to share with you the very random thoughts that pop into my head and chat with you about them. Many are bookish thoughts and many are not. I feel like I don't have enough discussion type posts on the blog so I am giving this a whirl. Some days I will talk about a specific topic and sometimes I will just throw some random thoughts at you. So please sit back, relax, and take a second to chat with me today.

Random Thoughts

1. I didn't read nearly as much (or participate in as many challenges and such) as I thought I would this week for Bout of Books. This saddens me. BUT I do have few really good reasons as to why... (See #2-3)

2. I got a new part-time job and I start Wednesday! I am so very excited! Guess what it is? The best ever... I will be the young adult assistant at a public library near where I live. I will still be keeping my other part-time job as a desk clerk at my home library because I love it so, and because the extra money doesn't hurt. I am very lucky to have two awesome library jobs. :D

3. It is official! My husband and I are house hunting. It is fun and nerve wracking. So far I love it.

4. This may seem like nothing compared to my other news, but I was able to sync my new phone to my car all on my own! I may have struggled at first, but the owner's manual helped a lot. I felt really good about the fact that I did this with no help from my husband.

5. I am trying and so far succeeding at drinking more water and less soda every day. Go me!

6. My husband and I saw The Avengers 2. It was really good! If I were to describe it in one word it would be, entertaining.

7. I have been trying so many new recipes I find off the internet lately. I am working on a blog post to share those all with you! What do you think of that?

8. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? If you don't already then I suggest you never do. It would be easier that way.

9. Due to all the new crazy awesome kind of stressful things happening in my presonal life right now I feel like I am getting super behind on all things blogging. I have a stack of reviews I need to write (9 total). I have a million of my friends' blog posts to read and comment on, not to mention that I need to respond to the comments on my own blog. I think I may actually need to make more of a blogging schedule at least for a little bit while things are hectic, or until I find my new groove in my new schedule.

What's new with you?


  1. Both your jobs sound amazing! I am super jealous. Me and my husband are also doing a bit of house hunting, hopefully in the next 6-12 months we'll be moving it. It's very exciting

    1. I am very thankful to have two wonderful library jobs!

      Congrats on house hunting! So much fun isn't it?!

  2. Congrats on the new job! It sounds super fun!

    Good luck on your house hunt! We recently bought one and have been renovating ever since. It sometimes gives me a headache!

    Make sure to take time for yourself girl! :)

    1. Thanks!

      I have a feeling that although house hunting is fun it will be a good amount of work!

      I am sure going to try! Since I have today off from both jobs I am just blogging and reading and spending time with my husband. I am enjoying it.

  3. Congrats on your new job and good luck on the house hunting adventure, Kay! I could no-way sync my phone to our car, lol. I'm glad you guys enjoyed The Avengers - I so want to go see that with my family.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks so much! I am super excited. :D

      OMG sycing my phone was an adventure. hahaha I hope you get a chance to see The Avengers. It was really good!

  4. Congratulations on the new job. How exciting: 2 library jobs!!!

  5. 1. Considering everything else... understandable! Look on the bright side - you can't be worse than me when it comes to challenges ;)
    2. CONGRATS! And can we trade places? That job sounds AMAZING and I hope you have a blast doing it!
    3. WOO more exciting news! I can't wait to one day have a place of my own and to decorate! I hope the search goes well!
    4. Haha all of these life changes Kay. I can't even recognize you anymore ;) But this reminds me that I need to sync my phone with my car...
    5. I need to drink more water too! I try to make sure my pee is always clear. Too much information?
    6. I can't remember if I saw Avengers 1 *hides*
    7. YES! I would definitely be interested! I've been doing the same (and thinking the same) and would definitely love to swap! I've made some GOOD meals.
    8. Hah no. But I hear it still hasn't ended. It's on par with Supernatural
    9. Again, understandable! Don't stress yourself out - we all get it and go through the same thing - we'll be here when you have some free time again :)

    1. Your comments always make my day!
      1. This is true. ;)
      2. Thanks! I think it is going to be fun. I will share some of my adventures with you!
      3. I have already been pinning like crazy on pinterest for decorating ideas.
      4. hahaha
      5. I do that too! I usually fail. :/
      6. You better hide! Kidding. It is good. Watch it sometime this summer and let me know what you think!
      7. We should do those posts! I love finding recipes and I would love reading your post of food stuff too!
      8. No it hasn't but I am not watching it next season. gah.
      9. Thanks Nicole! You are the best.

  6. Go you! Drinking more water is a great goal to have.
    Good luck on house hunting. I'm sure it's stressful, but a blast too. My mom used to drag me and my brothers to open houses because she loves looking at houses/she's nosy.
    I'm always looking for new recipes so I would love to read posts like those here.
    Congrats on the new job! Working at the library is like a dream come true for readers including me.
    You do a very good job commenting compared to me as well as posting. Cut yourself some slack. You have a lot going on and are doing well with the time you have been using for your blog from what I can tell.

    1. I am trying to be like you Adriana and drink water and take more walks! :D

      It is fun to see how other people decorate/live.

      I am working on a post featuring all my favorite recipes I found on pinterest lately! I hope you like it.

      Thanks for the congrats and for reminding me to give myself some slack! I really do need to remember that.

  7. YAY for new jobs and house hunting! So exciting -- good luck :) :)

    1. Thanks Christine!

      P.S. It is so nice to see you around again. I am surprised you even have time with that adorably baby. ;)

  8. Congrats on house hunting! That's really exciting, will you be looking for a house to buy to live in or to rent out and make a bit of money?
    Also congrats on the new part time job! I love having a bit of extra money coming it.
    I love the idea of sharing recipes! I'm starting to do they same :D
    How good was the Avenger's 2? I swoon every time Chris Hemsworth is on the screen, seriously he is so sexy.

    Jordon @ Jordon's Travels

    1. Thanks! I am so excited! We are looking to buy our very first house to live in.

      Thanks! So far it has been good at the new job.

      Thor makes the movie in my opinion!

  9. I like the idea of sharing some of those recipe things you end up making, and there is a lot of good news in this single post! I am glad you enjoyed Avengers 2, and that new job sounds awesome. I mean a library... surrounded by books all the time... what more could you want? I hope the house hunting goes well, and you seem on track with drinking more water!


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