May 12, 2015

TTT #38: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

I swear that one day I WILL meet these authors. I will find a way.

1. Sarah J. Maas - I only LOVE everything she writes. My favorite of her books has to be Throne of Glass. It holds a special place in my heart.
2. Rick Riordan - I have read and loved all the Percy Jackson books and the Kane Chronicles series. My favorite of his is The House of Hades.
3. Deborah Harkness - I will always love Mathew and Diana from the Discovery of Witches trilogy. My favorite of hers is the first book, A Discover of Witches.
4. Kasie West - She can do no wrong in my eyes. My favorite book of hers is a tie between The Distance Between Us and Pivot Point.
5. J.K. Rowling - This author needs to explanation. My favorite HP book has always been The Goblet of Fire.
6. Victoria Schwab - I would love to meet the author of Vicious!
7. Leigh Bardugo - When I read the first chapter of Shadow and Bone I became hooked. My favorite book has to be the second one, Siege and Storm.
8. Nora Roberts - I have read countless books by Nora Roberts. My favorite trilogy of hers is The Circle Trilogy.
9. Rainbow Rowell - I may have only read two books by her, but I enjoyed them immensely. I LOVED Fangirl.
10. Marissa Meyer - It may have taken me a while to really appreciate this series, but I am now addicted. Cress is my favorite.


  1. We have several authors in common! Great list! :)

  2. JK Rowling is sure showing up on a lot of lists, but for good reason of course. ;)

  3. I've met J.K., Marissa, and Rainbow! They are all awesome! Rainbow is so nice and cute!

  4. I agree about J.K Rowling & Kasie West - I found them both to be great authors in their own way, great list <3 Benish| Feminist Reflections

  5. Why, Kay you have such excellent taste :) Must be one of the many reasons we are besties ;) I hope you get to meet all of these authors and more someday! Maybe some will be at BEA in Chicago next year :D

    1. We both have such excellent taste don't we? :D I can't wait to meet one of them with you. One day this will happen.

  6. Awesome list. :) Deborah Harkness would be on my list as well, I love Matthew and Diana's story.


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