September 25, 2012

Review: MWF seeking BFF by: Rachel Bertsche

MWF seeking BFF by: Rachel Bertsche
Publisher: Ballantine Books
340 pages
Genre: Biography

Summary: Rachel moved to Chicago a few years ago and is missing her life-long friends that no longer live nearby. She decides to go on 52 friend dates in a year in search of a new best friend forever. Rachel invites us into her personal life and shares every friend date, some friendship research, and most importantly, the interesting and sometimes crazy ways in which she finds these women she tries to befriend.

Review: I heard of this book from a magazine. For the life of me I can’t remember which magazine insisted this was a must read, but I figured I would take the chance and check it out. It turns out that I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m not a huge fan of biographies although I do read them from time to time. If you are the same way, have no fear, this reads nothing like a biography. Rachel is witty and entertaining to say the least. She does a fantastic job at giving the reader the inside scoop of what it feels like to be a woman just trying for make friends in a new city. When reading the book I would nod along in agreement when Rachel describes how stressful/nervous one can feel when trying to make a new friend. This book will make you feel all warm and gooey inside and let you know that you are not alone if you too are in need of some new friends. 

There was one thing in this book that I found a little annoying. Rachel shares a lot of the research she has done on friendships, surveys she has read and articles she has encountered, and although sometimes this information is informative in a good way and sometimes rather funny, it can also drag on just a little too much. I almost felt that sometimes she just brought up the research and statistics she found to add length to the book.

Although I don’t agree with everything Rachel has to say about friendships, although I do agree with most of it, I still take her words to heart. She is slightly older than me and unlike myself has had some more experience being married and on the hunt for some new friends. So you never know, I may agree with her more in the future. It was nice to encounter a book that made me think but also kept me entertained.

For a smart, thought provoking book, it is also a fun light read. My advice is to just dive in and give it a chance. You may laugh, nod along with the author, find out some new friendship finding techniques, or at the very least, learn some interesting statistics about friendships and their connection to your health.

Rating: 4/5

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