September 26, 2012

Which Wedding Books and Magazines to "Take a Look" or "Don't Bother"

I can officially say that I am a happily married woman. Okay, I have only been married since Sept. 8, 2012, but I'm pretty happy. I know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding, been there done that. Therefore I came up with the idea to give some reading material advice to other brides out there. I went through a lot of good and not so good wedding books and magazines during my time as a bride-to-be. Here is a list of the ones I recommend and the ones that I don't think are worth your time.

Take a Look
Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine
I really enjoyed this magazine. It wasn't just filled with pictures of wedding dresses but with craft ideas and advice. Although, if you just got engaged and that is all you want to look at right now then check out The Knot magazine.

101 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding by: Barbara Cameron
Although some of the suggestions in these book seem like obvious tips, there are a few things in here that I found pretty helpful. Also, it is a quick and easy read so it didn't take up much of my very important wedding planning time.

The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown: 40 Fabulous Projects to Make in the Months, Weeks & Hours before Your Special Day by: Khris Cochran
You don't have to be super crafty to follow the easy instructions in this book. Trust me when I say that if I can do it then you should have no problem. You also don't have to have a completely all DIY wedding to find this book helpful. There are some interesting suggestions for all parts of your wedding, from invitations to favors.

Don't Bother
The Knot Magazine
Don't bother purchasing this magazine. Just check out Their website is better than their magazine. They have an awesome checklist and lots of great pictures, tips, and advice. The only time I would suggest you to get this is if you are trying to pick out wedding dresses because that is pretty much all this magazine is good for.

Where to Seat Aunt Edna? And 500 Other Great Wedding Tips
This book was filled with things most brides will know already. A lot of the tips seemed to be common sense to me and I didn't have a lot of wedding planning experience before.

Any pre-printed wedding planner binder/book
Trust me when I say it would be a waste of your money to buy one of these gigantic unnecessary things. Make your own binder, or like many birdes now, do it all online. I made my own binder for really cheap and it worked great, and my friends gave me all kinds of compliments. Or perhaps they were making fun of my over the top organization but whatever.

One more thing, just check out your local library for some good wedding books. They are free and even in my smaller town, there were plenty of options to check out. A wedding is expensive enough on its own, you might as well save a few dollars where you can.

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