December 15, 2013

The Bookish Report

Here are all of the top bookish stories, blog posts, pictures, and videos I found this past week. I put this post up every Sunday so come back again next week for more bookish awesomeness. 

Click away and enjoy your Sunday!


I don't use Reddit and I didn't even really know what it was, but apparently readers, authors, and publishers are drawn to its book section according to this article. I went on there to check it out and it seemed pretty cool but kind of jumbled. 

So Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver series wasn't my favorite, but still enjoyable. When I found out she was writing another book in this series I wasn't so sure, until I discovered it was about the important but minor character, Cole, and it sounds pretty interesting. 

Do you like fairy tales? I enjoy them on occasion and I am a big fan of Disney movies, but this list includes nine fairy tale books for adults. I haven't read any of these, but some of them sound pretty good. 

Blog Posts

Parajunkee's Pretentious Book Buying Guide will get a chuckle from you guaranteed.

 Buckling Bookshelves is hosting a Banned Books Challenge for 2014 and sign-ups are now open! I have yet to decide If I am participating in any challenges in 2014 since I pretty much failed all of mine from this year, but we shall see.




  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I failed a bunch of challenges in 2013, but it's not stopping me for 2014 -- the new year always makes me extremely optimistic about my goals :) But I would totally get why you might decide the other way!

    1. I still can't decide about the challenges! I've decided to worry about it after Christmas. :)

  2. Oh wow.. I never thought about the other countries in Hunger Games until now :O
    The first picture is better described for me: "No one understands my pain because none of my friends read..." It's annoying but true except for Goodreads friends (:
    Reddit can be hilarious if you find the right posts. My brother is always showing me something funny happening to someone else in a Reddit post.

    1. I only have a couple of friends that really read makes me sad so I feel ya.

      Oh and I never thought of the Hunger Games countries either but now I am!


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