April 16, 2015

I Feel Like Gabbing Today - Library Edition

 ** I have no idea how often I will post this feature. It is a work in progress. I do however know that I want to share with you the very random thoughts that pop into my head and chat with you about them. Many are bookish thoughts and many are not. I feel like I don't have enough discussion type posts on the blog so I am giving this a whirl. Some days I will talk about a specific topic and sometimes I will just throw some random thoughts at you. So please sit back, relax, and take a second to chat with me today.


It's National Library Week!! I know you know I love my local library and use it all the time. I got really lucky a year and a half ago when I moved to a town with a large and amazingly awesome library that even has a drive-up window to pick up books. I also work at that said library... and I LOVE it. I love seeing how many people use our library, but I also don't understand a whole bunch of people I know that don't use their local library. Therefore, I decided to put together a list of why you should use your local library. 

A reason you may claim as to why you don't use the library... It's inconvenient.  Here is why it isn't.
- Holds can be your best friend and are very convenient. Normally you can place holds over the phone or online for an item you want and then when you are notified when it is ready you just have to run in for one second to pick up your book/movie/cd etc. Some even have drive up windows (like mine. I'm bragging a bit. I apologize.) and some libraries can do a hold over the phone and have it ready for you to pick up in an hour! An hour!
- Most libraries have easy drop off boxes for when you need to return items. Sometimes they even have them around town and not just at the library.
- E-books are readily available at most libraries and you can get them while sitting on your butt at home.
**See what your local library has to offer. Check out their website, stop by, or give them a call.

It's free! - Who passes up on free things?
- Movies & TV Shows - Free! (I do think some small libraries charge you a small fee to check out a movie. Usually it is only like a dollar, less than redbox.)
- CDs are free too!
- Books of all kinds (large print, fiction, non-fiction, kids, teen, cookbooks, test prep books, etc.) = Free!
- Magazines - Free!
- Audiobooks - Free!
- Don't forget the free videogames!
- Some libraries even have projectors, vhs to dvd converters, tools, assistive devices, and even more helpful things that you can check out... for free!
- I know a good amount of people that claim they don't have a lot of money but spend a good amount of money on books, movies, and other items that they can borrow for FREE from the library. Don't get me wrong, I still like to support my favorite authors and bookstores, but I don't have the money to buy all the books. I buy about a book a month on average, but I use the library more than I purchase books (and especially more than I purchase expensive tv shows) since money doesn't grow on trees. Also, you live in your town and pay taxes... those help pay for the library... So why not use it?

Need a reading suggestion?
- I know my blog is a great source for that as well as other blogs, but its those librarians' jobs to help find what you want/need. They like it when you ask them questions. Just like us book bloggers they like giving out reading suggestions.

Need help doing research for a school project or any project at all?
- The librarians have you covered on this too! They are experts at finding the best resources that you can use for your project. Not only will they help you gather information for the project, but if you need to fax something, copy something, print something, or anything of that nature... you can do that at the library as well!

Do you want to be a library book hoarder? You don't want to pass this opportunity up.
- Come on, who doesn't want to be like me and hoard all the library books? Come join the club. Sure, I feel bad sometimes when I'm keeping the books from other readers, but I can only renew an item twice (three weeks per most books though) and if someone else puts a hold on it and wants to read it bad enough I can't renew it. So in all reality I shouldn't feel all that guilty. Overall, I like having so many reading options at my disposal all the time thanks to my local library.

Need a place to study, a meeting room, a quiet place to write or blog, or maybe a nice place to read? 
- The library has got you covered. Most libraries have study rooms, quiet areas, tables, etc. for your needs. They have computers if you don't want to bring your own laptop. Heck, my library even has laptops you can check out to use while you are in the library. Did I mention that most even have nice comfy chairs to read in? One more thing... some libraries even have coffee shops! Now what more could you want?

Do you want to participate in a book discussion? Or maybe you have a child that would like story time? Or perhaps you want to learn a new craft or watch a movie? 
- Libraries have free programs for their patrons. Look up your local library and see what they have to offer. Some free library programs offered at my library include Lego building time, card making classes, knitting classes, technology help, and a whole bunch more!

This is all that pops into my head right now. I'm sure more will come up later after I have already posted this, but you get my drift. Libraries are awesome. Use yours. Support your local library. At the very least, let your kids get a chance to discover the amazingness that a library has to offer.


  1. I love libraries too. Super jealous that you work at one. Libraries also rent out meeting rooms for free or a small fee. Some libraries loan out tools, video games, assistive devices.

    1. I am so glad you love libraries as well!! :) I had a hunch since you are always doing your library loot posts. How could I forget about all those other things most libraries have to check out? My own library has them and even more things. You think since I work in circulation I would have remembered. Anyway.... thanks for reminding me. I will update the post! You rock!

  2. Who in the world finds libraries inconvenient?! They're the MOST convenient thing out there. Aside from the whole free books thing... they have computers hooked up to the internet. What more could you ask for?

    1. Right?!?! I have heard from a handful of my friends that they are inconvenient! They crazy. lol :D

  3. Libraries ARE awesome :) I love borrowing digital audiobooks from home and trying to buy less books this year, holds come in super handy!

    1. :D I love holds... except they do occasionally all come in at once and that is a little bothersome, but not enough for it to matter.

  4. I love the online hold feature and use that all the time. No drive up window at my library though!

    1. Love the online hold feature as well. So convenient!

  5. I LOVE MY LOCAL LIBRARY. Well, technically I have two. One by work and one by home. The one by work is like my escape. I go there during lunch ALL THE TIME. There is this AMAZING terrace on the 3rd floor with rocking chairs which is perfect for spring/summer/fall reading. And I also do work and read and browse the shelves and do my taxes ;) But you know what would make it even better, if you worked there. ;)

    1. YES to all the library love!!! <3 :D That library by your work sounds amazing and a perfect place to go on lunch break. I wish I worked at your library! hehe

  6. Love the Arthur picture! So true!
    I just followed your site! I also joined your Outlander challenge!
    Good luck with yours! :D

    1. Thanks for joining my Outlander challenge! I just finished Dragonfly in Amber and will be starting Voyager soon.


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