January 21, 2013

Review: Checkmate (Neighbor #3) by: R.L. Mathewson

Checkmate by: R.L. Mathewson (Neighbor #3) (2012)
Publisher: Self Published
350 pages
Genre: Steamy Romance/Comedy 

Goodreads Summary: “There’s nothing worse than living next door to your childhood nemesis, except maybe being forced to share your dream project with him, being blackmailed into going along with something that was just wrong on so many levels, and having your hot cocoa stolen by the person that drove you to drink it in the first place.

As long as she has plenty of hot cocoa, a pair of pliers on hand and is able to resist Connor O’Neil’s bad boy charm then Rory James should be able to make it through this project with her sanity intact. If not…..

She’d probably face a few more nights in jail, have a few more restraining orders slapped against her and lose her heart to the man that ruined her life.”

Review: This series is full of laughs, love, and cuteness. I just discovered Mathewson last year, and I’m glad I did.

This is a steamy romance novel that will have you laughing until your eyes water. At times the comedy can be totally unbelievable, (I’m warning you now) but it doesn’t change the fact that this book is a perfect light read. It will put a smile on your face no matter how bad your day may be going.

Rory is a cute and strong goal driven woman. She is a pretty loveable character. I enjoy her need of hot chocolate, especially when she is stressed. The pranks she plays against Connor are sometimes so good, that I kind of wanted to do them myself, but I won’t of course. Connor on the other hand, can be a jerk, and I know he has the bad boy thing going for him, but seriously? Sometimes his thinking is sexist; it can be and was very frustrating. He did however grow on me, and he does change. So I do award him some points, plus it doesn't hurt that he is a hunk.

The Bradford guys from the previous Neighbor novels make an appearance, and I’m glad they do. I just love those always hungry can never be given enough food crazy men.

I enjoyed this book, but I still think the previous two books were better. Either way, you should check out this series, or at least this author. She has some other good books too. Although some have a few errors in them, they are self-published, there aren't enough to really take away from the novel as a whole.

Looking for a light read with a little bit of steaminess and a lot of laughs? This is your book.

Rating: 4/5   BUY Checkmate

This book counts towards my Series Catch-Up challenge. Check it out HERE.

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