March 7, 2013

Review: Deadlocked by: Charlaine Harris

Deadlocked by: Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #12)
Publisher: Gollancz
327 pages
Genre: Adult/Fiction/Vampires/Supernatural
*This review may contain spoilers from the previous books in this series.

Goodreads Summary: Sookie has a murder investigation on her hands.

A young girl has died at a vampire party - and it looks as though her lover, Eric, might be responsible. Eric swears he didn't do it, the police don't believe him, and even Sookie isn't so sure. Nor is she inclined to take his word for it, not having caught him enjoying the victim's blood minutes before she was killed.

But something strange is going on. Why had Sookie been asked to come to the fateful party a few minutes early - just to catch Eric in the act? And why had the victim spiked her own blood before approaching Eric? Was it simply because she wanted to be irresistable, or was it something more sinister?

Sookie will have to find out ... but it's the worst moment to investigate, as her Fae family are having troubles of their own and Sookie is, inevitably, drawn in. And there is one last complication. The cluviel dor her grandmother left her. It will grant her one wish, which could fulfil Sookie's heart's desire. The only problem is, she still doesn't know what - or who - her heart truly desires ...

My Review

I’m going to keep this review short because I’m having a hard time avoiding spoilers.

Full disclosure: I am an Eric fan. I will always be an Eric fan. Eric and Sookie forever! This may make my review slightly biased. 

Okay, with that said, I wasn't a huge fan of this book. The series has been slightly declining as of late and it isn't really bothering me that the next book is the last one. (Okay, it still is kind of bothering maybe just not as much as I had hoped.) Don’t get me wrong, I still love this series, but not every book in the series is great. Plus, it just feels like it is time for it to be over. Let’s just hope the last book is epic. I'm waiting for it pretty impatiently.

What I DIDN'T LIKE about this book:
  • Not enough Eric Northman. He is barely in it for being such an important character.
  • Sookie is starting to get annoying. She just seems so unsure of her self sometimes which shouldn't be the case after 11 books.
  • I feel like Harris at time was gripping at straws for plot ideas, if you know what I mean. Especially when dealing with Sam.
  • One of the plot twists was just ugh. All I can say is that we all know Eric is more clever than that and should be able to find a different solution. We are talking about Eric freaking Northman here!
What I DID LIKE about this book:
  • I still love the world full of supernatural creatures that Harris has created. Fairies, Shifters, Werewolves, and Vampires! Oh my!
  • We get a little more time with the Fairies in  this book and it was rather enjoyable.
  • I really liked one of the plot twists a lot. I didn't really see it coming and I love a good shock.
  • For some reason I just did. I think it is because I'm such a Sookie Stackhouse fan both in print and on the screen.
If you read this series already just keep going. You may as well read this one since there is only one more book left. For those that have yet to start the series, give it a try. Who doesn't love romance, a lot of action, vampires and other supernatural beings all in one book? I promise the beginning of the series starts out so strong that it will be worth your time reading it. Be warned however, the television show doesn't really fallow the books all that closely, especially in this last season.

The last book, Dead Ever After, comes out May 7, 2013!

RATING 3.5/5   Buy Deadlocked


  1. Kay, would you believe I actually have 8 or 9 of these books and have not read them..*gasps* It is on my list!

    1. It's a pretty darn good series! Glad you plan on reading them. Don't worry I have lots of books that I haven't read yet.

  2. Ya know, I've read all of the series up until this point (sans this book) and honestly... as much as I loved it, I'm sort of over it. You're right---it feels like Harris is grasping at straws and doesn't really know where to end things. It's like one of those SNL digital shorts where it goes on and on and on ad nauseum. I'm tired of seeing Sookie do chores and get a tan, dammit! And I'm tired of the fairy plotline. I could really do without that in general (in both the books and the show). Let's just wrap this series up with a bang already!

    I say we start a riot outside Harris' door. It'll go something like this: Give us more Eric! We want more Eric!

    I heart him and Alcide both equally. Bill can suck it (figuratively speaking). ::sigh:: I'll eventually get around to reading this one but I'll probably need a refresher on the few books that came before it. It's been too long.

    1. To be honest, I thought I had read this book and I was caught up, and then I remembered recently that I kept putting it off because I heard a lot of not so great things about it and I was kind of frustrated with the series. I'm glad I finally read it though. Well I'm glad unless the next book isn't epic.

      I will totally participate in that riot! And I agree with you.. Bill can suck it. :)


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